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Electric Bikes have revolutionized the way we commute, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional means of transportation. The Electric Bike Lithium Battery Charger30a 40A 50A 60A for Charger 12V24V48V60V72V Lithium Battery Pack Connector, Li-ion 48V 13S 54.6V 25A, also known as Product Model: S-2000W, is a state-of-the-art charger designed for a variety of bikes. This powerful charger comes with a host of impressive features and protections to ensure your electric bike battery receives an efficient, secure, and reliable charge.

Design and Build

The S-2000W charger comes with a robust and durable shell size of 311.4*171*76mm, making it compact yet sturdy. Weighing approximately 3.3kg, it is lightweight and portable. Despite its small size, it doesn’t compromise on power. With an output power of 1000W-2000W and an input voltage of 110V 220V, the charger ensures a quick charging process. The lengths of both input and output cords are customizable at 30CM, offering flexibility and adaptability to various usage environments.


This specific model is built for a wide array of batteries, including Lithium batteries, Lithium ternary batteries, Lithium iron phosphate batteries, and dry batteries, applicable between capacities of 45ah-250ah. The output voltage ranges from 14.4V, 29.2V, 50.4V, 58.4V, 60V to 72V giving it a versatile edge to handle different requirements.

The instructions for using the charger are clear and simple. Users are guided to first connect the charger to the battery and subsequently to AC; and after full charge, it is recommended to cut off AC before removing the battery plug. This measure is strictly emphasized to avoid any damage to the charger.

Using the Charger

While using the charger, it is crucial to refrain from letting your battery power run out before operating it. This is necessary to ensure that the battery is protected and preserved. It’s also recommended to conduct a deep discharge every three months. This “re-lighting” process helps to activate the inactive materials in the deep parts of the battery for better performance.

Operating Environment and Precautions

When it comes to operating environment, it is fundamental to use the charger in a dry place. It has been observed that continuous exposure to damp environments can impact the overall performance of the charger. It’s also important to disconnect the charger from the power supply when not in use. Ensuring that the charger is used correctly will greatly increase its lifespan and performance.

Applications and Service Guarantees

The wide range of output voltages makes this charger suitable for various applications including, but not limited to, industrial equipment, medical equipment, LED lights, surveillance cameras,electric cars, electric tricycles, travel and tourism vehicles, battery packs, lithium electric vehicles, unicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric forklifts.

The manufacturer, moreover, guarantees that the charger undergoes rigorous factory testing before being packaged and shipped. This charger is sent via air to various countries, promising short delivery times with high security. Lastly, the maker offers excellent post-purchase support. If you have any inquiries or encounter any issues, their professional team is always available to assist and ensure your satisfaction.


In conclusion, the Electric Bike Lithium Battery Charger30a 40A 50A 60A for Charger 12V24V48V60V72V Lithium Battery Pack Connector, Li-ion 48V 13S 54.6V 25A, otherwise known as Product Model: S-2000W, is an efficient and reliable solution for charging your electric bike batteries. Its unique features, technical specifications, and manufacturer service guarantees make it an impressive choice for prospective buyers looking for functionality and quality.

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