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If you are looking to upgrade your electric scooter, e-bike, or mini electric car, the Electric DC Motor Brushless Motor & Speed Controller 4300RPM Electric Scooter E-Bike Mini Electric Car DIY BLDC Brushless Motor Kit is a great option to consider. This kit includes a high-speed brushless DC motor, a powerful controller, an LCD throttle, a T8F crankset, and a T8F chain, providing you with everything you need to boost the performance of your electric vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications and features of this motor kit.

**About Motor:**

The brushless high-speed DC motor in this kit is rated at 48V DC and has a power output of 2000W. With a rated current of 42A and a speed of 4300RPM, this motor delivers impressive performance for a variety of applications. The motor is equipped with a T8F chainwheel sprocket and features high-quality aluminum construction with a high-quality rotor magnet made of copper, ensuring durability and reliability.

**About Controller:**

The included controller in this kit has a power rating of 48V 2000W 33A with 15 mosfets. It offers a range of functions including reverse, speed control, three-speed settings (high, medium, low), indicator light, electric brake, hall sensor, power lock, battery charger, and brake light. This controller provides precise control over the motor and helps optimize the performance of your electric vehicle.

**About LCD Throttle:**

The LCD throttle included in this kit is rated at 48V and features a battery power display and a power lock key. The ignition lock ensures added security, while the high-quality rubber handlebar grips provide a comfortable and secure grip for the rider. The LCD display allows you to monitor the battery status and control the motor with ease.

**Motor Kit Suitable for:**

This motor kit is suitable for a wide range of applications, including electric scooters, two-wheel balance scooters, e-bikes, electric motorcycles, go-carts, DIY projects, and more. Whether you want to upgrade your existing electric vehicle or build a custom electric engine, this kit has you covered. Enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle with this motor kit.

**Package Includes:**

The package includes a 48V 2000W motor with a foot stand, a 33A 15mos controller, a pair of LCD throttles with battery display and power lock, and a T8F crankset and chain that are compatible with the motor sprocket. The compact package size of 12” x 10” x 8” makes it easy to transport and store, with a shipping weight of 13lbs for convenience.

In conclusion, the Electric DC Motor Brushless Motor & Speed Controller 4300RPM Electric Scooter E-Bike Mini Electric Car DIY BLDC Brushless Motor Kit is a high-performance and reliable solution for upgrading your electric vehicle. With a powerful motor, advanced controller, and user-friendly throttle, this kit offers everything you need to take your electric vehicle to the next level. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional electric vehicle builder, this motor kit will exceed your expectations. Upgrade your ride and experience the benefits of a brushless motor kit today.

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