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The EMOJO Bull Electric Trike Bike for adults and seniors is a unique and innovative mode of transportation that combines the stability and convenience of a tricycle with the power and efficiency of an electric bike. With its high-quality construction, long-range battery, and user-friendly design, the EMOJO Bull is a fantastic option for riders of all abilities and ages.

At EMOJO, our commitment is to enrich lives with safe and comfortable electric bikes and trikes. We prioritize comfort, safety, and ease of use, catering especially to the needs of seniors. Our mission is to build a community united by sustainable mobility and a passion for adventure.

The EMOJO Bull features a low 8.5” step-through design, making it extremely easy to get on and off. This is particularly beneficial for riders who may not have full mobility or have a difficult time lifting their leg over a traditional bike frame. The low step-through design also makes the EMOJO Bull a fantastic option for older riders who may have mobility challenges.

One of the standout features of the EMOJO Bull is its long-range capability. With a range of up to 65 miles on a single battery, the EMOJO Bull is perfect for longer journeys and extended rides. For even greater range, the EMOJO Bull is also compatible with an optional secondary battery, which can bring the total range up to 100 miles. This makes the EMOJO Bull an excellent choice for riders who want the flexibility to explore longer distances without worrying about running out of power.

The EMOJO Bull also features a differential, which ensures safer and more stable acceleration, cornering, and braking. The differential design allows the trike to corner well and ensures power is sent to both wheels, while still allowing the outside wheel to spin more quickly. This enhanced stability and performance are particularly important for riders who may be less confident in their cornering and maneuvering abilities.

With a 7-speed gear system, the EMOJO Bull is well-equipped to handle tricky terrain and inclines. The 7-speed system allows for easier pedaling on rough conditions and accommodates bumps and other difficulties. This makes the EMOJO Bull a versatile and capable option for riders who may encounter a variety of riding conditions.

Another practical feature of the EMOJO Bull is its rear basket, which can hold up to 100lbs. This makes it convenient for shopping and carrying items, and the basket is essential for storing groceries or personal items while on the go. The rear basket adds an extra level of convenience to the EMOJO Bull, making it an excellent option for everyday use and errands.

In terms of performance, the EMOJO Bull is a standout in the electric tricycle market. It combines the stability and ease of use of a traditional trike with the power and efficiency of an electric bike. The result is a versatile and capable mode of transportation that is well-suited to a wide range of riders, including seniors and those who may have mobility challenges.

Overall, the EMOJO Bull Electric Trike Bike is an excellent option for anyone looking for a stable, comfortable, and long-range electric tricycle. With its low step-through design, extended battery life, differential system, and rear basket, the EMOJO Bull is an ideal choice for seniors and riders of all abilities who want a reliable and convenient mode of transportation.

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