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Whether it’s for reducing commute wastage, building arm and leg muscle, or saving non-renewable resources, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. The EUYBIKE1000W folding electric bike is an exemplar model with unique features that seeks to redefine your biking experience. This article includes everything you need to know about the EUYBIKE1000W folding electric bike, from basic descriptions to highlights and a comprehensive review.

Product Overview

Boasting a set of 20*3 inch puncture-resistant fat tires, this e-bike is designed to tackle an array of terrains – including sand, snow and mud – with ease. The fat tires are made from premium rubber, using superior motorcycle tire technology to enhance durability and resilience. What that means for bikers is the assurance of a consistently smooth ride, irrespective of road conditions.

A key selling point of this bike is its robust 750W motor (which offers a peak power of 1000W) that gives the bike outstanding performance characteristics. It can attain speeds of up to 30 mph – comparatively above metric for e-bikes – and delivers a significant range of about 60-100 miles for every full charge of the built-in 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery. Therefore, whether it is for a short errand or a more extended recreational ride, this bike provides a substantial cycling span before it requires a recharge.

Another outstanding feature is the EABS high-strength front and rear dual disc shock brakes. This cutting-edge feature enables the bike to adapt to complex road conditions and ensures immediate halts when needed for safety. To deliver a tailored riding experience, the bike also includes three riding modes – Electric Bike, Assist Bike, and Normal Bike – and an 8-speed transmission system.

It also comes with an LCD that displays all the vital biking details, including speed, battery level, total mileage, and power assist level. To complete the package, the EUYBIKE1000W folding electric bike features a comfortable wide bike seat and sturdy rear rack for storing essentials.

Comprehensive Review

The EUYBIKE1000W folding electric bike puts raw power at your disposal, allowing you to conquer challenging routes and inclines with absolute ease. This e-bike was an inspiration during test rides, providing ample power and agility while sporting a comfortable seating design. Its smooth and effortless transition between the three riding modes amplifies the cycling experience even in the most challenging terrains.

Its design is not only about power but also efficiency. The bike’s sleek design, along with its foldability, allows it to be conveniently stashed away when not in use without taking much space.

When it comes to the long-range claim, the bike lives up to its promise. On full charge, the e-bike impressed with its mileage, proving to be a reliable option for long-distance bike journeys. Additionally, the 5-6 hour charging duration is fairly reasonable, considering its extensive mileage.

One area where the EUYBIKE1000W folding e-bike truly excelled was its ability to handle diverse riding conditions. The robust tires and the efficient dual disc shock brakes ensured a stable and secure ride even in sand, snow, and mud.

Other smaller details, like the comfortable bike seat and the informative LCD, are added perks that the users appreciated. The rear rack, although not the most significant feature, still served a convenient purpose for storing essentials during a ride.


All things considered, the EUYBIKE1000W Folding Electric Bike lives up to its claims and expectations, supplying an impressive blend of power, efficiency, and durability. Its versatility for varying terrains, long range feature, and the inclusion of supportive add-ons make it a desirable choice for anyone searching for an e-bike. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or an everyday bike enthusiast, the EUYBIKE1000W e-bike offers a premium ride that caters to all your biking needs.

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