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FREESKY Electric Bike for Adults 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 20 AH Samsung Cells Battery Ebike, 26” Fat Tire Step-Thru E-Bike up to 28MPH, Full Suspension Electric Bicycle for Men/Women

If you’re looking for a high-powered electric bike that combines comfort, durability, and performance, then the FREESKY Electric Bike for Adults is worth considering. With its powerful 750W BAFANG motor and 48V 20 AH Samsung Cells Battery, this e-bike offers a smooth and exhilarating ride that can reach speeds up to 28MPH. It’s designed for both men and women, with a step-thru frame and fat tires for added comfort.

Powerful Samsung Cells Battery

One of the standout features of this e-bike is its 48V 20AH Samsung cell battery. This waterproof lithium-ion battery provides a maximum range of 45-90 miles, depending on various factors such as road conditions, weather, and rider weight. The lockable and removable battery allows for easy charging at home or in the office, and it can be charged about 1000 cycles in just 6 hours.

Step-Thru Frame Design & Dual Suspension

The step-thru aluminum 6061 alloy frame makes it easier for both women and older riders to get on and off the bike. The high-strength front and rear suspension fork effectively absorb shocks, making for a smoother and more controlled riding experience. This is particularly beneficial when riding on bumpy or uneven roads.

Multiple Riding Modes

The FREESKY Electric Bike offers 5 riding modes to suit various preferences and needs. In pure electric mode, the e-bike can achieve a range of 35-60 miles with a top speed of 20MPH. In pedal-assist mode (PAS mode), the range extends to 60-90 miles, and there are 5 levels of pedal assist to choose from. This allows riders to customize their riding experience and conserve battery power when needed.

After-Sales Service & Warranty

When purchasing the FREESKY Electric Bike, you can expect excellent after-sales service and warranty coverage. The bike comes 85% pre-assembled, and you can easily find an installation video on the product page. FREESKY provides a 12-month warranty for the motor, battery, charger, and controller, and lifetime technical support for their fat tire electric bike. If you have any questions or concerns, their professional customer service team is always available to assist you.

In conclusion, the FREESKY Electric Bike for Adults is a highly capable and versatile e-bike that offers both power and comfort. With its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, step-thru frame design, and dual suspension, it provides a smooth and enjoyable ride even on rough terrains. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the great outdoors, this electric bike is a reliable and efficient choice.

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