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Elevate your cycling experience with an intuitive, power-packed, and conversion-friendly Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This remarkable 48V 1000W 700C 28″/29″ E-Bike Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Conversion Kit comes with an array of innovative features like 5 Gear system, a modern display, stylish twist throttle, and a highly sensitive PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor). Converting your cherished bicycle into an electric fiesta of speed and comfort was never this effortless.

This bicycle conversion kit has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of traditional riding, adding a thrilling new dimension to it. No longer will you be confined to ordinary manual pedaling techniques, for this transformational kit is all set to redefine your cycling experience by amalgamating the goodness of an effortless electric ride with the essence of traditional biking.

Build Quality and Installation

The Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a monument of modern design and engineering. Built with sturdy Aluminum Alloy, it sports an all-black aesthetic that should match perfectly with most bicycles today. The robust construction ensures longevity while providing a weight-bearing capacity of up to 120kg/264lbs.

The assembly requirement comes with a clear set of instructions and all the necessary accessories, making it user-friendly and simple to install. A note to users: pay attention to connecting the right controller to the wires to maintain the longevity of the kit.


Featuring a potent 1,000W motor, this conversion kit can help riders achieve speeds of 45-55km/h. Coupled with an adjustable 5-gear system, it guarantees a ride that offers the perfect balance of speed and control, holistically enhancing your biking experience.

The minimum fork distance is specified to be 100mm, enabling a seamless fit on the majority of contemporary bikes. Moreover, the engine is adaptable with hydraulic and wire disc brakes, further ensuring safety with speed.

Upgrade Display System

The Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit is equipped with an upgrade display to keep you constantly informed about your riding condition. This user-friendly monitor presents real-time data about the current speed, average speed, total mileage, battery power, and more, making your ride smart and efficient. You are also able to achieve cruise mode by just a button click, further simplifying your riding experience.

Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS)

Perhaps the unsung hero of the kit, the Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) is designed to sense your pedal rhythm and modify the motor speed accordingly. This significant feature allows the enjoyment of a throttle-free ride, particularly noteworthy on extended journeys that can cause wrist soreness. The PAS makes your ride much more convenient by shifting some of the power demand from your legs to the electric motor.


The Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit, specifically adaptable for 28-inch, 29-inch, and 700C front wheels, is a remarkable blend of design, performance, and comfort. Its comprehensive pack offers all the essentials needed for the conversion, creating an easy and hassle-free transition.

Regrettably, the kit does not include chargers and batteries. However, its impressive attributes like a potent power rating, intuitive speed adjustment, and the efficient Pedal Assist Sensor, coupled with the reliable construction, do stand out to make the purchase worthwhile.

With a new perspective towards the traditional biking experience, this kit introduces riders to the realm of electric cycling while retaining the charm of the manual ride. For cycling enthusiasts looking to add a touch of modernity without compromising the authentic essence, the Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit is an excellent investment.

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