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Review: GOGOAL Electric Bike for Adults – 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Larger Battery 26” Fat Tire Ebike 7-Speed Electric Mountain Bike Beach Camping Snow Ebikes

GOGOAL has come out with a new electric bike that is sure to leave riders satisfied with its impressive performance and design. The GOGOAL Electric Bike for Adults – 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Larger Battery 26” Fat Tire Ebike is packed with features that make it perfect for various terrains and outdoor adventures.


One of the standout features of the GOGOAL Electric Bike is its upgraded battery. The battery is installed in the downtube and secured by double locks, offering better protection during cycling. With a 30% increase in battery capacity, riders can enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of power. The sleek and stiff downtube design also lowers the bike’s center of gravity, providing a centered feel and improved stability on dangerous roads.

Speed and Range

Distance won’t be a concern when riding the GOGOAL Electric Bike. With a maximum speed of 28 MPH by pedal and 20 MPH by throttle, riders can effortlessly cruise through various terrains. The bike offers a range of up to 45+ miles by pedal and 35+ miles by throttle, making it perfect for long rides or commuting. The range may vary depending on factors such as road conditions, weather, and the weight of the rider.


The GOGOAL Electric Bike features a large frame with a masculine design. Riders between 5’7 and 6’5 will find this bike comfortable to ride. The height of the seat and handlebar is in line with a mountain bike structure, allowing riders to maintain a more athletic posture while riding. The ergonomic design ensures that riders can enjoy their adventures without any discomfort.


No matter the travel situation, the GOGOAL Electric Bike is adaptable. Whether it’s snowfields, mountains, mud, beaches, lawns, or main roads, this bike can handle it all. The fat tire provides excellent grip, making it easier to travel on any type of road. Riders can explore new terrains with confidence, knowing that their bike is up for the challenge.


GOGOAL is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They stand behind their products and respond to Amazon messages within 8 hours to assist with any issues. Additionally, all GOGOAL ebikes have received UL and GCC certification, ensuring their quality and safety. The bike comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the battery, charger, motor, and controller. It is recommended to keep the original package for a while in case of any return issues.

Overall, the GOGOAL Electric Bike for Adults – 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Larger Battery 26” Fat Tire Ebike is a standout option for those looking for a versatile and reliable electric bike. With its upgraded battery, impressive speed and range, comfortable geometry frame, and adaptability to various terrains, this bike is a great investment for outdoor enthusiasts. GOGOAL’s commitment to professional service and warranty further adds to the value of this electric bike.

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