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The Gotrax F1 20″ Folding Electric Bike is a sleek and stylish mode of transportation that is perfect for leisure riding and commuting. With its 40-mile range, 48V battery, and 350W power, this electric bike is designed to provide an efficient and enjoyable riding experience. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of the Gotrax F1 20″ Folding Electric Bike, and explore how it stacks up against other electric bikes on the market.

Key Features

One of the standout features of the Gotrax F1 20″ Folding Electric Bike is its impressive 40-mile range. This is made possible by the 48V battery, which provides ample power to propel the bike for long distances. The 350W motor delivers enough power to reach a top speed of 20mph, allowing for quick and effortless travel.

In addition to its impressive range and power, the Gotrax F1 is also incredibly lightweight, weighing only 45lbs. This makes it easy to carry and transport, especially when folded. The folding design of the bike allows for easy storage and portability, making it a convenient option for commuters and travelers.

The LCD display on the handlebars provides easy access to crucial ride data, such as speed, battery life, and distance traveled. This allows riders to stay informed and make informed decisions about their journeys. The display is also easy to read and navigate, making it user-friendly for riders of all experience levels.

The Gotrax F1 also features 5 pedal-assist levels, allowing riders to adjust the level of assistance provided by the motor. This allows for a customized riding experience that suits individual preferences and riding styles. Whether you prefer a more relaxed ride or a more challenging workout, the pedal-assist levels can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.


In terms of performance, the Gotrax F1 offers a smooth and efficient ride. The 350W motor provides ample power to tackle hills and rough terrain, while the 20mph top speed ensures that riders can reach their destinations quickly and effortlessly. The 48V battery is capable of providing up to 40 miles of range, allowing for extended rides without the need for recharging.

The folding design of the bike adds to its versatility, allowing riders to easily transport and store it when not in use. This makes it a practical option for commuters and travelers who need a compact and portable mode of transportation.

Safety and Comfort

The Gotrax F1 is also designed with safety and comfort in mind. The dual disc brakes provide powerful stopping power, ensuring that riders can come to a safe and controlled stop in any situation. The LED headlight and rear reflector enhance visibility, making night rides just as secure as daytime rides. The inclusion of a bell also adds to the safety features, allowing riders to alert others of their presence.

The bike’s transmission system is built to withstand various terrains, ensuring durability and reliability in a range of riding conditions. This makes the Gotrax F1 a versatile and dependable option for riders who encounter a diverse range of riding environments.

Riding Modes

The Gotrax F1 offers three distinct riding modes, allowing riders to choose the level of assistance provided by the motor. The effortless cruising mode provides maximum assistance, allowing for a relaxed and easy ride. The exercise mode offers minimal assistance, providing a more challenging and engaging workout. Finally, the normal bike mode allows riders to ride without any motor assistance, offering a more traditional biking experience.

These riding modes provide flexibility and versatility, allowing riders to adapt their riding experience to their individual preferences and needs. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely ride or a more intense workout, the Gotrax F1 can accommodate your desires.

Customer Support

Gotrax offers a 365-day warranty and 24-hour customer service, ensuring that customers receive prompt and reliable support in the event of any issues or concerns. This commitment to customer satisfaction adds additional peace of mind for customers considering the purchase of the Gotrax F1.

Overall, the Gotrax F1 20″ Folding Electric Bike is a versatile and efficient mode of transportation that is suitable for a wide range of riding activities. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Gotrax F1 offers the range, power, and convenience to make your riding experience enjoyable. With its lightweight and compact design, powerful motor, and versatile riding modes, the Gotrax F1 stands out as a practical and reliable choice for electric bike enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Gotrax F1 20″ Folding Electric Bike offers a compelling combination of performance, convenience, and versatility. With its 40-mile range, 48V battery, and 350W power, this electric bike is capable of providing an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in a wide range of riding conditions. Whether you’re navigating city streets, tackling hills, or cruising along bike paths, the Gotrax F1 is up to the task.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and convenient electric bike, the Gotrax F1 is definitely worth considering. With its lightweight design, powerful motor, and versatile riding modes, this electric bike is well-suited to the needs of commuters, leisure riders, and anyone seeking a practical and efficient mode of transportation.

Overall, the Gotrax F1 offers an impressive blend of range, power, and convenience, making it a top contender in the electric bike market. Its lightweight and foldable design, advanced features, and reliable performance make it a practical and enjoyable option for a wide range of riding activities. Whether you’re looking for a convenient mode of transportation for your daily commute, or a versatile and efficient bike for leisure riding, the Gotrax F1 is a standout choice.

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