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Review: HEXEH Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bike Conversion

Product Overview: The HEXEH Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bike Conversion is a powerful and efficient motor kit that can enhance your cycling experience. This kit includes the QS-Motor 138 3000W 70H motor, SIA-YQ-72180 controller, DKD LCD speedometer, SIA-YQ blue-tooth adapter, and Z6 throttle with a combination switch. It is designed for electric motorcycles and can be used for a variety of applications such as dirt bikes.

The 138 70H motor powertrain kit is capable of running at a continuous speed of 100km/h. It has a gear ratio of 1:2.3*3, allowing for smooth and efficient transmission. With a climbing slope of 30°@208kg, this motor kit is suitable for various terrains. It operates on a 72V52h battery and features a 0.6138 130/70-17 tire.

Key Features:
1) Simplified Installation: This motor kit eliminates the need for a gearbox, transmission shaft, and clutch, saving space and making it easier to install.
2) Rear Installation: The motor can be installed in the rear, allowing for more space to accommodate a larger battery.
3) Regenerative Braking: The motor kit supports regenerative braking, providing additional control and energy efficiency.
4) High Efficiency: With an efficiency rating of 85-92%, this motor kit ensures optimal performance.

Product Description:
1) QS-MOTOR 138 3000W Mid Drive Motor: This motor is designed for electric motorcycles and provides a powerful and efficient riding experience. It comes with a sprocket design and is easy to install.
2) SIA-YQ72180 Sine Wave Motor Controller: The SIA-YQ72180 controller is a brushless DC controller with self-learning function. It matches well with QS Motors and offers reliable performance.
3) DKD LCD Speedometer: The DKD LCD speedometer displays various information such as gear position and battery current. It is compatible with Line communication and can provide accurate readings.
4) SIA-YQ Blue-tooth Adapter: The blue-tooth adapter allows for wireless communication between the motor kit and compatible devices, providing additional convenience.
5) Z6 Throttle with Combination Switch: The Z6 throttle with a combination switch offers precise control and ease of use.

The HEXEH Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bike Conversion is a game-changer for cycling enthusiasts. With its strong and efficient motor, it enhances riding comfort and is suitable for beach buggies and snow bikes. Whether you are cycling on the road or climbing mountains, this motor kit makes your journey faster and easier. It is especially beneficial for older riders, providing them with extra power and making cycling more enjoyable. This motor kit also makes for a great gift for your loved ones.

Customer Support:
If you have any questions or need technical support, the HEXEH team is ready to assist you. They offer prompt responses within 24 hours and are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the HEXEH Mid Drive Motor Kit Electric Bike Conversion is a top-notch motor kit that delivers powerful performance and enhanced riding experience. With its easy installation, high efficiency, and reliable components, this motor kit is a must-have for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. Upgrade your bike and enjoy a more exciting and effortless cycling adventure with the HEXEH Mid Drive Motor Kit.

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