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The Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike is an exceptional choice for those seeking an efficient and reliable electric city cruiser bicycle. With its powerful 350W motor and ample features, this bike offers an enjoyable and convenient commuting experience for adults. In this review, we will delve into the bike’s key features, performance, battery life, and overall value.

Powerful Motor and Reliable Performance

The Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike is equipped with a robust 350W motor that provides swift acceleration and effortless cruising. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or tackling hilly terrains, this bike offers a smooth and powerful ride. The Shimano 7-speed gear system allows for seamless transitions between gears, ensuring optimal performance in various riding conditions.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Heybike Cityscape is its impressive battery life. With the removable 36V 10.4Ah battery pack, you can effortlessly cover distances of up to 40 miles on a single charge. This is perfect for those who have longer commutes or enjoy exploring their city without worrying about recharging frequently.

Comfortable and Reliable Design

The Heybike Cityscape prioritizes rider comfort with its dual shock absorber system, which effectively minimizes vibrations and ensures a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. The 26″ wheels provide stability and are suitable for various road conditions. The bike’s frame is made of premium quality aluminum alloy, offering durability and strength without compromising on weight.

Convenient and Versatile Features

This electric bike comes with a range of useful features that enhance its overall versatility. For instance, the Heybike Cityscape features an integrated headlight and horn, ensuring safety during night rides or when alerting pedestrians or vehicles. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a rear rack, allowing you to easily carry your belongings while commuting.

Easy to Control and Maneuver

With its responsive and intuitive controls, the Heybike Cityscape is easy to control and maneuver. The electric assist feature provides a seamless riding experience, allowing you to effortlessly switch between electric and manual modes. The bike’s handlebar-mounted LCD display provides essential information including speed, distance, battery level, and assistance level, keeping you informed throughout your ride.


The Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike is a remarkable commuter bicycle that offers a powerful motor, long-lasting battery life, and comfortable design. With its ample features and convenient accessories, this bike is great for adults who prioritize convenience, efficiency, and comfort during their commutes. The Heybike Cityscape is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable electric city cruiser bike.

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