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Unbeatable Motor Performance

The HITTROAD Electric Bike is equipped with a powerful 350W motor that provides unbeatable performance. It can reach top speeds of 20mph, making it ideal for those who need to travel quickly. The motor is designed to avoid overheating, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride even on tough terrains like sand, gravel, and steep hills.

Ergonomic and Safe Design

The HITTROAD electric bike is designed with both comfort and safety in mind. It features a front fork that provides a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing any shocks or bumps along the way. The mechanical disc brakes deliver optimal durability and safety, offering precise control and reliable stopping power.

Furthermore, the front and rear fenders protect the tires from rain and snow, keeping you dry and safe even in adverse weather conditions.

Versatile Speed and Range

The HITTROAD electric bike offers versatility in terms of speed and range. With a range of 26-46 miles per charge, you can confidently go on longer rides and tours without worrying about running out of battery power. The bike also has a top speed of 20mph on full battery and pedal assist level 3, allowing you to travel at a comfortable and efficient pace.

Additionally, the HITTROAD electric bike has a load capacity of 309 pounds, making it suitable for riders of all sizes and abilities.

Optimized Riding Experience

Enjoy an optimized riding experience with the HITTROAD electric bike. The 26-inch wheels provide stability and control, allowing you to navigate various terrains with ease. The Shimano 21-speed gearing system enables you to tackle steep hills effortlessly, while the LCD display allows for easy tracking of your speed, distance, and battery level.

The adjustable stem on the HITTROAD electric bike allows the handlebar to be positioned up to 50 degrees back and forth, providing a customizable and comfortable riding position. This reduces pain and improves body posture, ensuring a pleasurable and enjoyable ride every time.

In conclusion, the HITTROAD Electric Bike offers unbeatable motor performance, ergonomic and safe design, versatile speed and range, and an optimized riding experience. Whether you need a reliable mode of transportation for your daily commute or an adventurous ride off-road, this electric bike is a reliable and high-performing choice. With its powerful motor, comfortable design, and customizable features, the HITTROAD Electric Bike is suitable for riders of all levels and abilities. Don’t miss out on an exceptional electric biking experience – hit the road with the HITTROAD Electric Bike today.

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