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The Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery Lithium Electric Bike Battery Luggage Rack Battery Mountain Bike Conversion Kit is a powerful and reliable electric bike conversion kit that is designed to provide maximum performance and convenience. With its high-quality construction and innovative features, this battery and rack combination offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to convert their conventional bike into an electric-powered machine. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the product’s features, specifications, and benefits to help you determine whether it is the right choice for your e-bike needs.

Guarantee and Features

The Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery comes with a comprehensive guarantee to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product that will meet your needs for years to come. The manufacturer provides a 24-month warranty for all electric bike batteries, giving you peace of mind and assurance that your investment is protected. Additionally, the electric bicycle batteries are equipped with high-quality cells and a BMS (Battery Management System), and they are 100% tested before shipping, offering reliability and performance that you can count on. Furthermore, the battery is manufactured by a top brand lithium battery manufacturer, adding another layer of confidence to your purchase.

In terms of features, the Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery is designed with a waterproof and solid aluminum alloy case, providing durability and protection against the elements. The integrated lighted battery LED power indicator allows you to easily monitor the battery’s status, while the beautiful taillight design enhances visibility and safety during night-time riding. The lock with keys securely locks the mount on the bike rack, preventing theft and ensuring the battery is always securely in place. Additionally, this battery comes with a bicycle rack, providing added utility and convenience for your e-bike. The integration of a variety of discharge port cable options offers versatility and compatibility, and the built-in USB port allows you to charge your phone on the go, adding extra functionality to your electric bike setup.


The Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery is available in various capacities, ranging from 10Ah to 23Ah, offering a range of options to suit different riding needs and preferences. The cell specification consists of 2500mAh 18650 cells, providing high energy density and long-lasting performance. The battery’s life cycle is specified at 1000 cycles, ensuring a durable and reliable power source for your e-bike. The battery size is 380mm*160mm*85mm, making it suitable for a wide range of e-bike models, and the standard charge current is 2A, with a maximum continuous charge current of 3A. The charge cut-off voltage is 42V, and the charge temperature range is 0-45°C. In terms of discharge, the battery is capable of a maximum continuous discharge current of 30A, with a discharge temperature range of -20-60°C. The discharge connector options include T-plug, bullet, and XT60, offering flexibility and compatibility for various e-bike setups. The battery is designed for use with 20-28 inch bikes, making it suitable for a wide range of e-bike models and styles.

The package includes the lithium battery, a battery charger, a rear rack suitable for 20-28 inch bicycles, a manual for easy installation and operation, and accessories to assist with the setup and maintenance of the battery and rack system.

Product Features

The Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery stands out for its easy assembly and compatibility with 20’’-28’’ wheels, making it a versatile and user-friendly choice for e-bike enthusiasts. The integrated taillight enhances safety and visibility during night-time riding, adding an extra layer of security and protection for the rider. The battery indicator ensures that you will always be aware of the battery’s status, allowing you to plan your charging cycles and rides with confidence. The sturdy aluminum shell of the battery makes it easy to transport and handle, and the modern shape design ensures easy installation and removal for added convenience. The lock with keys provides peace of mind and security, preventing the power supply from being stolen and offering added protection for your e-bike. Additionally, the rear handle adds portability and ease of use, making it simple to carry and travel with your e-bike.

Safety and Longevity

The Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery is equipped with high-quality electric cells and built-in 30A BMS protective plate, ensuring protection against overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, and short circuits. This advanced safety feature offers peace of mind and reliability, minimizing the risk of damage or malfunctions and promoting the long life expectancy of the battery. Each lithium battery undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure its appearance and function meet the highest standards before shipping. With a battery charge cycle that exceeds 1000 times, the Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery offers a long life expectancy of up to 5 years, providing a durable and reliable power source for your e-bike needs.

Warranty and Customer Support

The 24-month warranty provided by the manufacturer offers comprehensive protection and support for your investment, ensuring that you can enjoy your Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery with confidence and peace of mind. In the event of any issues or concerns, the manufacturer offers dedicated customer support to address any questions or difficulties that may arise. Whether you need assistance with installation, operation, or troubleshooting, the manufacturer is committed to providing prompt and helpful support through email communication.


Overall, the Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery Lithium Electric Bike Battery Luggage Rack Battery Mountain Bike Conversion Kit offers a powerful and reliable solution for e-bike enthusiasts looking to upgrade their ride with added functionality and convenience. With its high-quality construction, innovative features, and comprehensive warranty, this battery and rack combination provides a versatile and user-friendly solution for converting conventional bikes into electric-powered machines. Whether you are looking for enhanced performance, safety, and ease of use, the Joubi 36V Rear Rack Ebike Battery is a highly recommended option for anyone seeking to take their e-bike experience to the next level.

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