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The Joyisi 36V 48V 52V Ebike Battery is a reliable and high-performance battery for electric bicycles. It is compatible with motors ranging from 250W to 1600W, making it suitable for a wide range of electric bikes and conversion kits.

One of the standout features of this battery is its fast delivery time. Shipped from the US warehouse, you can expect to receive your order within 2-5 days. This is great for those who need their battery quickly and don’t want to wait weeks for it to arrive.

The battery comes in different capacities, including 10Ah, 12.5Ah, 15Ah, and 20Ah. This allows you to choose the capacity that best suits your needs and gives you the desired range for your electric bike. Whether you need a battery for short commutes or long rides, there is an option for you.

The battery is equipped with a high-quality built-in 40A BMS (battery management system) protection board. This protects the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, and short circuits, ensuring the longevity of the battery and your safety. The protection board also includes a low voltage cutoff function, automatically cutting off power in case of any issues.

The battery uses Tesla S039-5 cells, which are known for their superior quality and performance. With 13S4P cells for the 48V20AH battery and 14S4P cells for the 52V20AH battery, you can expect reliable power and a longer lifespan.

Included with the battery is a matching 3A charger. The charger is equipped with a built-in fan to reduce temperature during charging and is made of high-temperature resistant material. It is important to note that the charger may generate heat during use, which is normal. Charging the battery takes approximately eight hours, and when the indicator light on the charger turns from red to green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Connecting the battery is simple and doesn’t require any tools. The battery comes with XT60 connectors, and there are instructions provided on how to connect them. Additionally, the battery includes a USB port, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices while on the go.

To summarize, the Joyisi 36V 48V 52V Ebike Battery is a high-quality and reliable battery for electric bicycles. With its fast delivery time, various capacities, and protection features, it is a great option for those looking to upgrade or replace their current ebike battery. The battery charger and XT60 connectors make it easy to install and use, and the USB port adds convenience for charging other devices. Overall, this battery is a great investment for any electric bike enthusiast.

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