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KABON Carbon Gravel Road Bike is a high-quality, performance-driven bicycle designed for both men and women who are passionate about cycling. With its T800 Carbon Fiber frame and Shimano 105 22 Speed Disc Brake system, this bike offers an exceptional riding experience for both beginners and enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of this bike is its lightweight construction. At just 19.2lbs (for the 50cm size), the carbon fiber frame, fork, integrated handlebar, and seat post contribute to a lightweight and stiff design, making it easier to handle and navigate on various terrains. The TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber material used in the construction ensures durability and strength while maintaining its lightweight properties.

The Shimano 105 22 Speed Disc Brake system is another highlight of this bike. With precision shifting capabilities, this drivetrain groupset provides lightning-fast gear changes, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. The mechanical disc brakes offer powerful braking force, allowing for shorter braking distances and providing cyclists with the confidence to handle different situations and terrains.

The KABON Carbon Gravel Road Bike also features rugged and puncture-proof 700x40c tires, providing added versatility and stability on rougher terrains. The wider tires offer enhanced traction and grip, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. Whether you’re cycling on tarmac roads or uneven surfaces, these tires will keep you in control and provide a smooth ride every time.

The bike’s frame is designed with fully internal cable routing, which not only enhances the bike’s aesthetics but also improves its aerodynamics. This design feature ensures clean airflow over the entire bike, preventing damage from rain and sun exposure and reducing the likelihood of rusting of brake and shifting cables. In addition, it helps to protect the cables from scratches during rides, ensuring a safer and more durable riding experience.

Overall, the KABON Carbon Gravel Road Bike is a reliable and high-performing bicycle suitable for all levels of cyclists. Its lightweight construction, precision shifting capabilities, powerful braking system, and puncture-proof tires make it an excellent choice for those who seek a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore cycling or a seasoned enthusiast, this bike offers exceptional value and performance.

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