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KBO Foldable Ebike Flip/Compact 750W Electric Bike Review

Looking for a reliable and efficient electric bike for your daily commute? The KBO Foldable Ebike Flip/Compact 750W Electric Bike is a great choice. With its powerful motor, stable frame, premium battery, and fast charging capabilities, this e-bike offers an excellent riding experience for adults and teens alike.

Powerful Motor & Stable Frame

The KBO Flip E-bike is driven by a 500W motor and built with a 6061 aluminum bike frame, allowing a 330lbs rider to travel up to 23mph around the city, across all terrains. It’s designed to effortlessly handle uphill and downhill rides, providing a smooth and comfortable experience.

Premium Battery & Fast Charging

Equipped with a 15.6Ah 562Wh Battery, this electric bike can reach up to 35 miles in pure electric mode and 60 miles in PAS mode on a single charge. With a 3.0A charger, it only takes 5 hours to achieve a full charge, making it convenient for daily use.

Foldable & Lightweight Design

Featuring a foldable bike frame, the KBO Flip can be easily folded in 3 simple steps. Once folded, it measures 36.6″x14.6″x27.6″ and weighs approximately 57lbs, making it portable to carry and conveniently stored in various locations, such as your car, SUV, trunk, apartment hallways, or under your desk.

Lower Step-Over Frame

The humanized lower step-over design provides space for water bottles and makes it easier to get on and off the bike. The recommended height for riders is 5’1”-6’2”. The rear rack can handle about 120lbs of pressure, making it ideal for carrying passengers or transporting goods.

2-Year Warranty

In addition to its impressive features, the KBO Foldable Ebike Flip/Compact 750W Electric Bike comes with a 2-year warranty against all defects and a 1-1 customer after-sale service. It also includes a 10-year frame damage replacement promise, offering peace of mind for your investment.

Overall, the KBO Flip E-bike is a versatile and reliable choice for daily commuting and recreational riding. With its powerful motor, premium battery, fast charging capabilities, and foldable design, it offers a convenient and enjoyable riding experience for adults and teens.

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