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KIOPOWQ 24V/36V 250W/350W Electric Bike Left Side Drive Motor Kit Mountain Bicycle Conversion Kit with Twist/Thumb Throttle, Can Fit Most of Common Bicycle

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation and a way to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re looking to convert your regular mountain bike into an electric bike, the KIOPOWQ 24V/36V 250W/350W Electric Bike Left Side Drive Motor Kit could be the perfect solution for you. This versatile kit comes with a thumb throttle and can fit most common bicycles, providing you with an easy and affordable way to upgrade your ride.

When installing the KIOPOWQ Electric Bike Left Side Drive Motor Kit, it is important to ensure that the front and rear wheels are in a straight line. This can be achieved by adjusting the angle and adding or removing shims under the mounting plate at the axle position. It’s crucial to get this alignment right to prevent the chain from tilting to one side, which could cause damage to the flywheel.

It is worth noting that this kit is designed to be installed on the left side of the bike. The direction of rotation of the motor without power is on the right, but after the power is turned on, there is a reduction gear inside, allowing you to power the motor. Additionally, the kit is not suitable for all frames, so it’s essential to ensure that your bike’s frame is compatible before purchasing.

The KIOPOWQ Electric Bike Left Side Drive Motor Kit with thumb throttle includes a brush motor with a freewheel, chain, customized sprocket and components, motor controller, mounting plate with bolts, and a Wuxing thumb throttle with a battery indicator and switch button. It’s important to note that this item does not include a battery or charger, so you will need to purchase these separately.

If you encounter any issues with the product, KIOPOWQ provides after-service to ensure your satisfaction. They are willing to provide a best solution if you have any questions, and they are responsible for resending or refunding the product if it has any quality problems or is damaged.

Installation instructions are provided with the kit, and it’s recommended to thoroughly read through these before attempting to install the motor. The kit mounts the sprocket on the wheel spokes, making it compatible with most bicycle wheels. Additionally, the motor uses a freewheel so that when the wheel is rotating, the motor will not rotate, reducing resistance and providing a more natural riding experience.

One significant advantage of the KIOPOWQ Electric Bike Left Side Drive Motor Kit is that it is shipped directly from their US warehouse. While accessories that need to be reissued are generally shipped from China and require about 2 weeks shipping time.

Many users have reported a comfortable riding experience with this kit, with riding speeds of up to 20 km/h, depending on the wheel size. The kit is suitable for a variety of bikes including station wagons, commuter vehicles, and mountain bikes.

If you have any questions about the product, KIOPOWQ provides excellent customer service and invites you to reach out for assistance. They have improved and designed this kit for many times, making it more convenient and fast to install, but it still requires assembly by individuals with a DIY spirit.

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