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When it comes to cycling, having the right gear can make all the difference in your ride. One essential piece of equipment for any cyclist is a saddle bag or roll to carry all the tools and essentials needed for a successful ride. The KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll Bag is a versatile and convenient option for road, mountain, and gravel biking, providing a secure and innovative way to store your tools while on the go.

### Product Description

The KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll Bag is designed as an alternative to the traditional saddle bag, featuring three pockets within a strong, non-abrasive, and water-resistant PVC-coated nylon cloth wrap. This saddle roll is large enough to fit essential tools such as a multi-tool, up to a 700x40mm tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridge, and tire inflator. Whether you’re going out for a weekend century or a short cruise, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll allows you to ride with confidence knowing that all your necessary cycling tools are securely stored under your saddle.

#### Features:
1. **All the Essentials**: The three pockets provide ample space for storing tools and other essentials.
2. **Ride Prepared**: Ride with confidence knowing all your tools are securely stored.
3. **Elements Out**: Water-resistant construction keeps your tools safe from the elements.
4. **Innovative System**: Features the ATOP reel knob lacing system for secure installation.

### Design and Functionality

The KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll Bag features a sleek and compact design that does not compromise your style while providing ample storage space for your tools. The heavy-duty nylon material creates a water-resistant design that keeps your tools safe and corrosion-free. The ATOP Dial System allows for secure adjustment and quick and easy installation and removal, ensuring timely access to your tools when needed.

The innovative ATOP Reel Knob Lacing System sets this saddle roll apart from others on the market. This ultralight and ergonomic dial closure system allows you to securely fasten the roll under your saddle, increasing security for your items and ensuring a tight and reliable interface with your bike. This system makes it easy to adjust and remove the saddle roll for quick access to your tools.

### Secure and Reliable

Security is key when it comes to storing your valuable tools while cycling. The KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll Bag provides a secure and reliable way to carry your essentials without compromising on convenience or accessibility. The large top flap keeps your tools safe from the elements when wrapped while also providing extra security.

### Our Story

KOM Cycling was founded to create products that meet exacting standards and are relentless in the pursuit of quality and functionality. The team’s combined passion for cycling and engineering allows them to design products that enhance your cycling experience through innovative design and intelligent engineering. From tubeless products to indoor accessories and mounting hardware, KOM Cycling is dedicated to providing cyclists with the best gear for their rides.

In conclusion, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll Bag is a versatile and reliable option for cyclists looking for a secure and convenient way to carry their essential tools. With its innovative ATOP Dial System, water-resistant design, and ample storage space, this saddle roll is the perfect companion for road, mountain, and gravel biking adventures. Ride with confidence knowing that your tools are securely stored under your saddle with the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll Bag.

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