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Electric bikes have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience and eco-friendly nature. However, not all bicycles come with an electric motor, and purchasing a brand new electric bike can be quite expensive. This is where electric bike conversion kits come in handy. The LEEZAD Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a popular choice for turning your standard bicycle into an electric bike. With its 48V 1000W Brushless Controller, Universal Throttle Grip, and Lithium Battery Modification Kit, it offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to upgrade their bike.


The LEEZAD Electric Bike Conversion Kit is made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, metal, and rubber. It comes with a controller that has a rated voltage of DC48V and a rated power of 1000W. The kit weighs 880g/ 31.04oz and includes 1 x controller, 1 x throttle grip, 1 x handle, and 2 x keys. With these specifications, the kit ensures stable and reliable performance for any type of bicycle or motorcycle.

Stable and Reliable Performance

The voltage of 48V and a rated power of 1000W ensure stable speed and sensitive control of braking and direction changes. This guarantees a smooth and hassle-free conversion, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an electric bike without compromising on performance. Whether you are commuting to work or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the LEEZAD Conversion Kit provides a reliable and efficient performance that will enhance your biking experience.

Digital Power Display

One of the standout features of the LEEZAD Conversion Kit is the digital power display on the throttle grip. This lightweight display allows you to accurately determine the remaining power in your battery. It also includes a cruise function, making it easier for you to maintain a consistent speed without needing to constantly adjust the throttle. This added feature improves the overall riding experience, providing convenience and peace of mind as you monitor your battery levels.

Wide Application

The LEEZAD Electric Bike Conversion Kit is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including electric bicycles, tricycles, and motorcycles. This versatility makes it a practical solution for anyone looking to electrify their mode of transportation. Furthermore, the kit works with various types of batteries, including lithium, water, and dry batteries, offering flexibility and compatibility to meet the needs of different users.

Protection Functions

Safety is a crucial factor when it comes to electric bikes, and the LEEZAD Conversion Kit offers several protection functions to ensure the safe operation of your electric bicycle. These functions include under voltage protection, over-current protection, stall protection, and more. With these features in place, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electric bike is equipped with the necessary safeguards for a secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Easy Installation

The LEEZAD Electric Bike Conversion Kit is designed for easy installation, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or new to electric bikes, the user-friendly design and clear instructions make it straightforward to convert your standard bicycle into an electric one. This accessibility and simplicity ensure that anyone can enjoy the benefits of an electric bike without the need for specialized knowledge or tools.

Enhanced Efficiency

By converting your standard bicycle into an electric one, you can enjoy enhanced efficiency and performance. The LEEZAD Conversion Kit allows you to travel greater distances with less effort, making it an ideal choice for commuting or exploring new areas. Additionally, the electric motor provides an extra boost when tackling hills or challenging terrain, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable ride overall.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in a brand new electric bike can be a significant expense. However, the LEEZAD Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a cost-effective alternative that allows you to transform your current bicycle into an electric one. This practical solution not only saves you money but also enables you to customize your bike to suit your preferences, making it a worthwhile investment for any cycling enthusiast.

Environmental Benefits

Electric bikes are known for their eco-friendly nature, and by using the LEEZAD Conversion Kit, you can contribute to a greener environment. By reducing your reliance on traditional modes of transportation, you can lower your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. This environmental benefit adds to the appeal of electric bikes, providing an additional incentive for users to make the switch to electric transportation.


The LEEZAD Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a reliable, practical, and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to embrace the benefits of electric biking. With its stable performance, digital power display, wide application, protection functions, easy installation, enhanced efficiencies, and environmental benefits, this conversion kit provides a compelling argument for choosing electric over traditional bicycles. Whether you are a daily commuter, leisure cyclist, or eco-conscious individual, the LEEZAD Conversion Kit has something to offer, making it a worthy addition to any standard bicycle or motorcycle.

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