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are provided for added security
Large Capacity – 8-litre capacity has plenty of room for daily necessities


The Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag is a top-notch storage solution from the Lumintrail brand – a brand that is renowned for its durable, high-quality, and innovatively designed bike accessories ranging from bike pumps, cables and locks, kickstands, and other bike accessory combos. For bikers who love cycling for leisure, sport, or commuting, the Lumintrail 8L bike trunk bag offers unrivalled convenience and performance – traits synonymous with all Lumintrail products.

The Material Build and Design

The Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag is robust in design, providing a firm and durable packaging solution that comfortably and securely handles your items. Made from 300D Ripstop polyester, the bag provides a sturdy form that maintains its shape even when empty. The material is highly resistant to ripping and tearing, making the bag durable for any biking adventure – whether it’s a rough mountain bike ride or a casual city ride.

Easy-Transportation Features

The bag comes fitted with a top handle and an adjustable padded shoulder strap that allows easy transportation. The convenience of this feature becomes evident when you have to dismount from the bike and carry your items perhaps into a shopping mall, a restaurant, or home.

Safety Reflectors and Rear Light Attachment

The safety of the biker is of paramount importance when riding in low-light conditions. The Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag provides increased visibility with its inbuilt safety reflectors. The bag also features a rear light attachment strap that allows you to attach your rear light for increased visibility and safety during night-time riding.

Secure and Versatile Mounting

The Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag can be securely mounted to the bike’s carrier rack using two long velcro straps, ensuring minimal movement and stability when riding. Two additional velcro straps are provided to secure the bag further. The versatile configuration of these velcro straps leaves room for adjustments depending on your bike’s carrier rack design and size.

Large Storage Capacity

The Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag offers a generous 8-litre storage capacity, which should be more than enough to accommodate most bikers’ daily necessities. You can comfortably fit a change of clothes, shoes, a packed lunch and snacks, maps, a bike repair kit and still have extra space for your wallet, keys and phone.


Biking demands gear that can hold up against weather conditions, rough handling, and the test of time, all while providing maximum convenience. The Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag fits the bill in all these categories. Its sturdy 300D Ripstop polyester build ensures durability, while versatile mount features provide stability on the bike. The inclusion of an adjustable shoulder strap demonstrates thoughtful design to ease portability, with reflective accents enhancing visibility and safety. Overall, this Lumintrail product stands out as a well-rounded, worthwhile investment for anyone from the casual city commuter to the adventurous mountain biker.


Lumintrail 8L Bike Trunk Bag


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