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As the demand for electric bicycles and scooters continues to rise, the need for high-quality and reliable battery packs has become increasingly important. One such option that has been gaining popularity in the market is the MyNeon 48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack, designed specifically for 200W-750W electric bike and scooter motors. With a choice of 15Ah or 20Ah capacity, along with a built-in BMS and the necessary charger, this battery pack offers a range of features that make it a compelling option for users looking to power their electric vehicles.


The MyNeon 48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack is made up of 18650 battery cells, with a single cell voltage of 3.7V. The pack features a combination of 13 series 3 and a nominal voltage of 48V, making it ideal for electric bicycles and scooters. The battery pack’s dimensions are 238 x 68 x 65mm, and it is housed in a durable blue PVC casing, providing both insulation and wear resistance. The battery pack is relatively lightweight, weighing approximately 1.8kg for the 15Ah version and 2kg for the 20Ah version.

In terms of charging, the battery pack requires a dedicated lithium battery charger, with a charging voltage of 48V and a charge current of 5A or greater. The pack also comes with a 54.6V charger included in the package, ensuring that users have the necessary tools to keep their battery fully charged and ready to go.

The battery pack is equipped with a discharge BMS (Battery Management System), which provides protection against overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, and short circuits. This integrated BMS system is essential for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of lithium batteries and adds to the overall lifespan of the battery pack.


The MyNeon 48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack boasts a long lifespan, with each battery having passed QC appearance and functional testing before shipment. With a charge cycle rating of over 1,000 times, users can count on the durability and reliability of this battery pack for their electric vehicles. The battery pack also comes with a standard connector, specifically a T plug, but users have the option to request other connectors if needed.

The waterproof PVC material used for the casing provides added protection, insulation, and wear resistance, making it suitable for various weather conditions and terrains. The inner layer of the casing has low melting point properties, ensuring that it remains sealed and protected against water damage. However, it is recommended to further protect the battery by placing it in a bag or case during use, to prolong its lifespan.


The MyNeon 48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack is designed for a wide range of electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, scooters, electric motorcycles, tricycles, electric wheelchairs, and children’s amusement facilities. With its high capacity and reliable performance, this battery pack is a versatile option for various electric vehicle applications.

Installation and Compatibility

The battery pack comes with a T connection as the default option, making it accessible for a wide range of electric vehicles that accept this type of connector. However, custom connectors can be requested via email, ensuring that users can find a suitable option for their specific vehicle requirements.


Overall, the MyNeon 48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack offers a compelling combination of high capacity, reliability, and durability for electric bicycle and scooter users. With its integrated BMS system, long lifespan, and waterproof PVC casing, this battery pack provides a robust power solution for a range of electric vehicles. Whether users are looking for a dependable battery pack for daily commuting or recreational activities, the MyNeon 48V Lithium Ion Battery Pack is a versatile and high-quality option to consider.

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