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Product Review: NBPOWER 135mm Dropout Rear 72V 2000W Rear Wheel Motor, 70-75km/h 2000W Electric Bike Kit, 72V 45A sine Wave Dual Mode Controller with Multifunction SW900 Display, Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

If you’re looking to convert your bike into an electric one, the NBPOWER 135mm Dropout Rear 72V 2000W Rear Wheel Motor kit is worth considering. With its powerful motor, high speed capabilities, and convenient features, this electric bike conversion kit offers an excellent option for enhancing your cycling experience.

The standout feature of this kit is the 72V 2000W electric bike rear hub motor wheel. Built with 180°C copper winding and the best magnets available, this motor ensures a smooth and powerful ride. Whether you’re riding on flat terrain or tackling steep hills, this motor will provide the necessary power to keep you going.

To complement the motor, the kit includes Sun ringle MTX33/39 Double-wall alloy rims spoke. These rims are durable and can withstand the demands of off-road riding. The 2.6mm spokes add extra strength and stability to the wheel.

The kit also comes with a throttle that offers full control over your acceleration. The full twist throttle design allows for precise and responsive speed adjustments. Additionally, the kit includes two alloy brake levers that cut off power to the motor when engaged, ensuring your safety.

The 72V 45A dual-mode sine wave controller is another impressive component of this kit. This controller provides a smooth and efficient power delivery, enhancing your riding experience. With 1:1 PAS with 8 magnets, you can also enjoy a pedal-assist option for a more effortless ride.

The multifunction SW900 display is a convenient addition to the kit. It offers various functions such as vehicle speed display, speed limit settings, battery capacity indicator, 5-levels assistant mode, time indicator, and a running range counter. With this display, you can easily monitor your ride and make necessary adjustments on the go.

When it comes to after-sale service, NBPOWER takes customer satisfaction seriously. They offer a 1-year free warranty and are committed to resolving any issues you may encounter. If you have any questions or need assistance with using the kit, their responsive and knowledgeable support team is ready to help.

Furthermore, NBPOWER now offers 26-inch, 29-inch, 28-inch, 700C, and 27.5-inch Ebike kits in their USA Los Angeles warehouse. This means faster delivery, with an estimated 2-5 working days for shipping. To ensure you receive the correct kit and accessories, make sure to specify your requirements when placing your order.

In summary, the NBPOWER 135mm Dropout Rear 72V 2000W Rear Wheel Motor kit offers a powerful and versatile electric bike conversion option. With its high-quality components, user-friendly features, and excellent after-sale service, this kit is definitely worth considering for anyone looking to upgrade their bike into an electric one.

To learn more about this kit or make a purchase, visit the following links:

– [NBPOWER 135mm Dropout Rear 72V 2000W Rear Wheel Motor](
– [NBPOWER 72V 45A sine Wave Dual Mode Controller with Multifunction SW900 Display](

If you have any specific requests or inquiries, feel free to contact NBPOWER via email ( or WhatsApp (+86 13401536906).

Please note that the standard set of this kit is 72V, but the controller voltage is adjustable from 48V to 72V. You can modify the voltage on the display according to your battery voltage.

Upgrade your bike into an electric powerhouse today with the NBPOWER 72V 2000W Electric Bike Kit!

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