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When it comes to electric bikes, NCM is a brand that commands attention. NCM’s growing fleet of e-bikes is proof that they are committed to providing high-quality electric bicycles. One of their many standout models is the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike, an e-bike designed for adults with features that make it suitable for diverse terrain and riding conditions.

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is just one of the models that NCM offers. NCM is known for its line of E-Trekking, E-MTB, E-Cruiser, and E-Folding e-bikes. The flexibility and diversity of their product range cater to the needs of different riders, making NCM a preferred brand among e-bike enthusiasts. With over 50,000 e-bikes sold in 2020, NCM’s rapid growth reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality electric bicycles to their customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike that make it a standout choice for adult riders.

Top-Notch Body Structure

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike boasts a top-notch body structure that’s built for durability and style. Available in two sizes of tires (27.5″/29″), the bike is suitable for a range of riders. The lockable aluminum suspension fork helps reduce the impact of rough roads, providing a smoother ride and better control over the bike. Additionally, the aluminum alloy material used in the construction of the bike ensures its durability, making it a reliable choice for rugged outdoor adventures. The streamlined matte surface and simple decal style contribute to the bike’s sleek and appealing aesthetics, making it a stand out on the trails or city streets.

24-Speed Gears

One of the defining features of the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is its 24-speed gear system. The front derailleur features a 3-speed setup, while the rear derailleur is equipped with an Altus 8-speed system. This wide range of gears allows riders to tackle any terrain with ease and efficiency. Whether it’s steep inclines, rocky paths, or flat roads, the 24-speed gear system ensures that riders can find the right gear to match the demands of their environment.

Intuitive LCD Display

The bike comes equipped with an intuitive LCD display that provides riders with essential information and data. The display shows battery life, assist levels, mileage, current speed, and usage time. This allows riders to keep track of their e-bike’s performance and battery life, giving them the confidence to explore new paths and push the limits of their riding experience. The clear and easy-to-read display ensures that riders can access key information while on the go, enhancing their overall riding experience.

3 Working Modes

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike offers riders the flexibility of three working modes. The first is the pure electric mode, which allows riders to rely solely on the bike’s electric motor for propulsion. The second mode is the pedal-assist mode, which provides electric assistance as riders pedal, making it easier to tackle challenging terrain. The third mode is the normal bike mode, which allows riders to use the bike as a traditional non-electric mountain bike. The ability to remove the battery and switch to normal bike mode allows riders to shed some weight from the bike when needed. This flexibility means that riders can adapt the bike to their preferences and the demands of their ride.

Powerful Hub Motor and Large Removable Battery

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is powered by a high-performance 750W hub motor that provides the bike with ample power for conquering various terrains. Whether it’s steep hills or long-distance riding, the 750W motor ensures that riders can handle the demands of their journey. Additionally, the bike features a large 48V 768Wh removable battery, giving riders the freedom to extend their riding range. The removable battery design allows for easier charging and maintenance, providing riders with the convenience they need for extended adventures. The inclusion of a USB port on the battery allows riders to charge their electronic devices while on the go, adding an extra layer of utility to the bike’s design.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Safety and control are essential when riding electric mountain bikes, and the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike delivers on both fronts. The bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that offer reliable and responsive braking performance. Whether riders are navigating downhill descents or need to come to a sudden stop, the hydraulic disc brakes ensure that riders can maintain control and safety while on the trails. This feature adds a level of confidence that is essential for riders looking to explore challenging terrain.

Fat Tires and Front Suspension

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike features fat tires that are designed to provide enhanced traction and stability, especially on loose or uneven surfaces. The wider tires contribute to a smoother and more comfortable riding experience, making it easier to handle rough terrain and bumps. Additionally, the lockable aluminum front suspension fork helps to absorb shocks and impacts, reducing the strain on the rider and enhancing overall comfort. These features make the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike well-suited for off-road adventures and long rides, offering riders a versatile and dependable riding experience.

Impressive Mileage

The combination of the powerful hub motor and the large removable battery provides the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike with an impressive 95-mile mileage range on a single charge. This generous mileage range makes the bike suitable for long rides and extended adventures, allowing riders to explore new routes and destinations without the worry of running out of battery power. The ability to cover substantial distances on a single charge gives riders the freedom to venture further and expand their horizons, making the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike a truly versatile choice for e-bike enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is a standout model in NCM’s line of electric bicycles. Designed for adult riders, the bike offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that make it suitable for a wide range of riding conditions and terrains. Whether it’s the powerful hub motor, the long-range battery, or the 24-speed gear system, the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike excels at delivering a high-quality riding experience to its users. With its combination of power, flexibility, and safety features, the NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is a strong contender in the e-bike market and is sure to appeal to riders looking for a reliable and capable electric mountain bike.

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