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The OVERFLY Hummer 20″x4″ Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike is a game-changer when it comes to commuter bikes. With its powerful 500W BAFANG motor, 48V/10.4A battery, 7-speed Shimano derailleur system, built-in front suspension fork, and Kenda fat tires, this electric bike is designed to deliver a smooth and efficient ride for urban commuters and adventure seekers alike.

Product Description

Shimano derailleur system

The OVERFLY Hummer is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur system, allowing you to easily shift gears for a smoother and more comfortable ride. This feature is especially useful when riding in different terrains, such as flat, uphill, or downhill surfaces.

EXA suspension seatpost

The bike comes with an EXA suspension seatpost, which provides extra comfort and shock absorption, making your ride more enjoyable even over bumpy roads or uneven surfaces.

BAFANG motor

The 500W BAFANG high-speed brushless motor is a standout feature of the OVERFLY Hummer. It provides strong continuous power, enabling you to effortlessly tackle hilly terrains and ride at higher speeds with ease.

Kenda fat tires

The OVERFLY Hummer features 20″x4.0″ Kenda fat tires, providing excellent handling, grip, and anti-skid functionality. These wide tires allow you to easily ride over gravel, mud, rain, sand, and other challenging terrains, making it the ultimate electric bike for adventure seekers.

Selle Royal saddle

The Selle Royal saddle is adjustable, allowing you to raise or lower the handlebars for a comfortable upright riding position. The wide padded seat provides plenty of room to move around, ensuring a comfortable and customizable riding experience for all users.

VP foldable pedal

The VP foldable pedals make it easy to store and transport the bike, offering added convenience for commuters who need to take the bike on public transportation or store it in limited spaces.

KMC chain

The OVERFLY Hummer is equipped with a top-quality KMC chain, known for its durability and precision engineering. This ensures a smooth and efficient pedaling experience, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

One of the most impressive features of the OVERFLY Hummer is its lightweight and foldable design. Constructed with a 6061 aluminum frame, this electric bike is not only strong and durable but also collapsible for quick folding and easy storage. This makes it convenient to store in any vehicle or small storage space, offering added versatility for urban commuters and those with limited storage options.

Extremely Fast Arrival, Shipped From USA Chino Warehouse

The OVERFLY Hummer is shipped from a USA Chino warehouse, ensuring an extremely fast arrival time for customers. This expedited shipping process adds value for those who want to get their hands on the bike quickly and start enjoying its performance and features without delay.

500W BAFANG high-speed brushless motor

The 500W BAFANG high-speed brushless motor featured on the OVERFLY Hummer provides strong and continuous power. This enables the bike to reach higher speeds and tackle hilly terrain with ease. The motor delivers a thrilling ride experience while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

Range per charge

The bike’s 48V/10.4Ah battery offers an impressive range per charge, allowing you to travel 37-50 miles in PAS mode and 25-31 miles in throttle mode, depending on the road conditions. This offers peace of mind and ensures that you can cover substantial distances without the need for frequent recharging.

Multifunction LCD and Pedal Assistance

The OVERFLY Hummer comes with a multifunction LCD that displays speed, assistance level, trip, odometer, and power. With 5 levels of pedal assistance, you can tailor your riding experience to suit your preferences and desired level of effort. The LCD also features backlighting, making it convenient to ride at night and in low-light conditions.

TEKTRO disc brake system

This electric bike is equipped with a high-quality TEKTRO disc brake system, with a 180mm front and 160mm rear disc, ensuring optimal braking performance. The electric cut-off function adds an extra layer of safety, cutting off the power to the drive system when the brake lever is engaged.

Removable battery

The OVERFLY Hummer’s removable battery can be easily charged on or off the frame, offering convenience and flexibility for recharging. This feature is especially beneficial for city dwellers or commuters who need to charge the battery in different locations.

95% pre-assembled

The bike arrives 95% pre-assembled, making it easy and fun to install. This efficient setup process gets you on the road faster, without the need for professional assembly or extensive technical knowledge.

Suspension fork and throttle

The suspension front fork effectively reduces road bumps, enhancing ride comfort and control. Alongside this, the half-twist throttle and right handlebar adopt an integrated design, catering to user habits and providing a seamless and intuitive riding experience.

Brake and Gear System

The high-quality brake system with an electric cut-off function ensures precise and safe braking performance, while the Shimano 7-speed gear shift allows for smooth and efficient transitions between gears, adapting to different terrains with ease.

Strong and Durable Folding Frame

The 6061 aluminum frame, precise TIG welding, and YS paint (Taiwan) combine to create a strong and durable frame for the OVERFLY Hummer. The collapsible frame allows for quick folding and easy storage, a convenient feature for those with limited space for storing their bike.


The OVERFLY Hummer is equipped with top-quality accessories from international suppliers, including Shimano derailleur system, BAFANG motor, compatible Kenda fat tires, EXA suspension seatpost, Selle Royal saddle, VP foldable pedal, and KMC chain. This high-end configuration ensures a premium riding experience, with top-of-the-line components and excellent craftsmanship.

In conclusion, the OVERFLY Hummer 20″x4″ Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike is a standout choice for urban commuters and adventure seekers. With its high-performance motor, long-range battery, quality components, and versatile design, this electric bike offers an exceptional riding experience. Whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling challenging terrain, the OVERFLY Hummer delivers a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable ride. Its lightweight and foldable design add practicality and convenience, making it a compelling option for those who value performance, quality, and versatility in an electric bike.

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