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Extended Battery Lifespan and Enhanced Safety

The PASELEC Electric Bike is equipped with a powerful 48V 15.6AH high-capacity battery that offers impressive climbing ability and rapid acceleration. This battery ensures that you can enjoy assisted rides up to 50 miles on a single charge. With 8 charging safeguards in place, it takes intelligent care of the lithium battery, ensuring both its longevity and safety. The bike also comes with an anti-theft lock and a waterproof mode, providing additional security and protection.

Powerful 750W Motor

The GS10 motor is the heart of this electric bike, delivering an exceptional range of 5 power assist levels from 1 to 5. With this motor, you can achieve speeds of 25 to 28mph, providing potent thrust and instant responsiveness. The bike is equipped with a sophisticated 9-speed shifter, a sturdy full-aluminum prowheel crankset, and chain, guaranteeing a smooth and durable performance. The motor is also housed in a fully enclosed housing, ensuring protection against water and dust.

Three Riding Modes

The GS10 offers three riding modes to suit various preferences and terrains. The full throttle mode allows for effortless cruising, while the pedal mode lets you enjoy a traditional biking experience with assistance. The walk hill assist mode is especially helpful when tackling challenging inclines. Whether you prefer leisurely scenic rides or thrilling adventures, this electric bike can adapt seamlessly to your needs. It is perfect for both leisure trekking and demanding terrains.

Complete After-Sales Service

The PASELEC Electric Bike arrives 85% pre-assembled, making the remaining assembly process straightforward. However, if you encounter any difficulties, our dedicated after-sales team is always available to assist you. The bike comes with a generous 1-year frame warranty and 6-month coverage for the electric motor, battery, and charger. We have great confidence in the quality of our electric bike and are convinced that you will be pleased with it.

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