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The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a fantastic upgrade for your bicycle, transforming it into a powerful and efficient electric bike. With its 24″ front wheel, 36V 750W hub motor, and 3 mode controller, this conversion kit provides an incredible riding experience.

One of the standout features of this kit is the smart LCD display. This display allows you to conveniently view important riding information such as battery power, speed, and PAS level. It ensures that you always have the information you need at a glance, making your ride safer and more enjoyable.

The powerful brushless rear motor wheel is another great aspect of this conversion kit. With a maximum speed of 23.5 mph (38 km/h), you’ll be able to zip around town with ease. The motor also offers excellent torque, providing a smooth and efficient ride.

The PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit comes with four riding modes: throttle, presets, PAS, and manual. These modes allow you to choose the most suitable riding style for your needs. Whether you prefer to use the throttle, rely on the presets, or take advantage of the pedal assist system, this kit has you covered.

Safety is a top priority with this conversion kit. The brake levers are designed to cut power and activate the brakes, ensuring that you can stop quickly and safely. Additionally, the kit comes with a “Torque Arm” to keep the motor wheel running safely and stably. The CE certification further guarantees the product’s safety and quality.

Installing and controlling this conversion kit is a breeze. The detailed assembly instructions and video provided make installation easy, even for those new to bike modifications. The twist throttle ensures that speed control is fast and simple, allowing you to adjust your speed effortlessly.

Overall, the PEXMOR Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a fantastic option for anyone looking to upgrade their bicycle into an electric bike. With its powerful motor, smart LCD display, and various riding modes, it provides a safe, efficient, and enjoyable riding experience. Upgrade your bike today and enjoy the benefits of electric biking!

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