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Product Review: Ronson Electric Bicycle


The Ronson Electric Bicycle is a high-performance and high-speed adult electric bike that is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. With a powerful 2000W motor, this eBike can reach speeds of up to 30MPH, making it an ideal choice for long trips and daily commutes.

Quality and Safety

At Electric Bike, quality is of utmost importance. Every Ronson Electric Bicycle undergoes strict quality inspection and has a UL/GCC report from a third-party inspection agency. This ensures that customers receive a safe and durable product that meets the highest standards.

Easy Assembly

With 85% of the electric bicycles pre-assembled, setting up your Ronson Electric Bicycle is a breeze. For the remaining assembly, the package comes with tools and comprehensive assembly videos to guide you through the process. Simply follow the user manual or watch the assembly video for a hassle-free setup.

Fast Shipping

Electric Bike understands the urgency of receiving your new eBike. With a warehouse located in California, orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours on business days. The primary shipping methods are FedEx or UPS, ensuring timely and reliable delivery.

Exceptional Customer Service

Should you have any questions or concerns, the seller is readily available to assist you. Simply provide your order or store name and send in photos and videos of related questions. The customer service team will reply to your email within 24 hours, providing prompt and helpful assistance.

Promise to Customers

Electric Bike is committed to delivering high-quality, durable electric bicycles to its customers. Their main goal is to provide people with energy-saving and green alternative modes of transportation. By focusing on integrating intelligent motors, batteries, control systems, and high-tech elements with ergonomics, Electric Bike aims to enhance the riding experience for all users. With a Ronson Electric Bicycle, you can enjoy a safe, efficient, and exciting ride every time.

Shipping Policy

Electric Bike has established an overseas warehouse in California to expedite shipping. Normally, shipping will take 2-7 business days, depending on your location. Although shipping and delivery times may vary, Electric Bike appreciates your patience throughout the process.

Features and Specifications

The Ronson Electric Bicycle comes with a range of features that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride:

– Detachable & Lockable Lithium Battery: The 48V 17.5AH large capacity lithium battery is IP65 waterproof and can be fully charged in just 5-7 hours. With a travel range of up to 70KM in pure electric mode and 100KM in pedal-assisted mode (PAS), this eBike meets all your long-distance riding expectations. The battery is also removable and can be charged indoors or outdoors.

– High-Quality Dual Shock Absorber & Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake System: The 6061 aluminum alloy frame of the electric bicycle is firm and durable. It is designed with thickening front fork shock absorbers and an adjustable seat, combined with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring excellent shock absorption performance on various roads.

– 26″ x 4.0″ Thick Fat Tire: The non-slip, stab-proof, and wear-resistant 26″ x 4.0″ thick fat tire can adapt to all kinds of terrain, including mountain roads, beach roads, snow roads, and rugged roads. Enjoy a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride on any surface.

– 4 Riding Modes: The Ronson Electric Bicycle offers four riding modes to suit your preference and needs. Pedal Mode allows you to ride the bicycle normally. Pedal Assist Mode provides moderate motor assistance while you pedal. Pure Electric Mode allows for faster riding, and Cruise Control Mode ensures stable and fixed-speed riding.

– Adjustable Handlebar Tube: The electric bicycle is equipped with an adjustable handlebar tube, allowing you to customize the front of the bike according to your height. With a recommended height range of 5’2″-6’9″ and a weight capacity of up to 440 pounds, this eBike accommodates riders of various sizes.

– Smart LCD Display and 700 Lumens LED Headlights: The built-in smart LCD display provides real-time information about your eBike’s speed, battery level, pedal assist level, and mileage. Additionally, the Ronson Electric Bicycle is equipped with a 700 lumens LED headlight to ensure visibility and safety during night rides.


If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance, and eco-friendly electric bicycle, the Ronson Electric Bicycle from Electric Bike is an excellent choice. With its impressive power, versatile riding modes, and durable construction, this eBike will be your best partner on the road. Experience the joy of riding while reducing your carbon footprint with the Ronson Electric Bicycle.

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