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SafPow 42V 2A Charger (3 Plugs) – A Fast and Smart Replacement for 36V Lithium Battery

———-Safe Power makes Life Happy.———-

—–SafPow, expert on charger and battery.—–

Are you tired of waiting for hours to charge your electric scooter or bike? Look no further! The SafPow 42V 2A Charger is here to provide you with a fast and efficient charging solution. With its universal compatibility and smart features, this charger is the perfect replacement for all brands’ 36 Volt electrical scooter bikes.

When using this charger for the first time, it is crucial to inspect the temperature of your battery. If it becomes too hot, it is recommended to stop charging immediately to avoid any potential hazards.

The SafPow 42V 2A Charger operates on an input voltage range of 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, and has an output of CC-CV mode with a maximum of 42V and 2A. It comes with three connectors: a 5.5mm 1 prong DC plug, an 8mm 3 prong plug, and a special plug for Xiaomi, Lime, Segway, and Bird electric scooters. The charger is housed in a fireproof ABS case, ensuring safety while being environmentally friendly. The package includes one 42V 2A battery charger and a power cord with a US plug.

Red light means charging. Green light means battery full charged or disconnected.

This charger is specially designed for 10S 36V Li-ion batteries and is optimized to improve the cycle life of your battery. By providing a fast charge with high current, it saves you time and ensures a longer lifespan for your battery.

6 protections to ensure safety:

  • Automatically stops when the battery is fully charged
  • High reliability and long lifespan
  • High efficiency and lightweight design
  • Not suitable for batteries with safety problems
  • Only to be used with 10S 36V lithium batteries
  • Do not use if the battery connector or polarity does not fit
  • Do not use in wet environments
  • Not compatible with E-mobility devices
  • AC power cutoff when the battery is fully charged
  • Do not charge when the battery is broken

18 months warranty. Feel free to let us know if you have any problem.


  • Q: What to do when a charger is being used for the first time?
    A: Inspect the temperature of the battery. Stop charging if it is too hot.
  • Q: What to do when the charger gets GREEN but never turns RED?
    A: ①Check if the battery is well connected to the charger. ②Check if the voltage of the charger fits your battery. ③Check if there’s anything wrong with your battery.
  • Q: What to do when the LED never turns on or has any other issues?
    A: Please contact SafPow support.

Faster and Easy to use

Output 42V 2A 84W. Connect and forget, the charger will run automatically. LED turns Green from Red means full charge.


6 Protections: prevent unsafe and abnormal conditions, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Reverse Connection, Fuse.

Extend Battery Life

CC-CV working mode maximizes the lifespan of the battery. Just plug in and it will charge and maintain your batteries automatically.

Reliable with High Quality

Eco-friendly, high efficiency, lightweight, and heavy-duty. Enjoy 24/7 service from SafPow.

Invest in the SafPow 42V 2A Charger, and you’ll never have to worry about long charging times or the safety of your battery again. It provides fast and efficient charging, while the six protection features ensure a safe and reliable experience. With its extended battery life and high-quality design, this charger is a must-have for all electric scooter and bike owners.

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