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The Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame is a sturdy and reliable frame designed to carry a maximum weight of 242.51lbs. It is suitable for 20″ and 26″ electric bikes, and its durable iron construction ensures long-lasting performance. The frame features a lock design for added security and is coated with superior baking paint for rust resistance and easy cleaning. With its one-piece design and easy disassembly, the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame is a convenient and practical choice for electric bike enthusiasts.

The superior baking paint used on the surface of the frame not only enhances its appearance but also provides rust resistance and facilitates easy cleaning. The smooth finish of the paint adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the frame, making it a stylish addition to any electric bike. Additionally, the lock design on the side of the frame, along with the included key, ensures that the bike is securely protected, providing peace of mind for the rider.

The application of the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame is versatile, as it can be mounted on both 20″ and 26″ electric bikes. This adaptability makes it a suitable option for a variety of different electric bike models, offering greater flexibility for riders.

In terms of specification, the SS10 model of the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame is constructed from iron and comes in a classic white color. The surface is treated with a high-quality baking paint finish, and it has a load-bearing capacity of 110kg or 242.51lbs. The package size is 76*51.5*26.5cm, and the product size is 120*19*53cm, with a gross weight of 25kg and a net weight of 24kg.

The package includes one electric bike frame, and it is worth noting that there may be slight color differences caused by lighting during photography and a margin of error of 1-3cm due to manual measurement. Potential buyers should be aware of these factors before making a purchase.

One of the standout features of the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame is its excellent load capacity. With a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 242.51lbs, this frame is suitable for carrying heavy loads, adding to its versatility and practicality. Riders can use the frame with confidence, knowing that it is capable of accommodating substantial weight without compromising on stability or durability.

The one-piece design of the electric bike frame eliminates the need for time-consuming assembly, as it comes ready to be mounted on the bike. This saves the user valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on enjoying their cycling experience without the hassle of complex installation procedures. The frame’s ease of use and convenience make it an attractive option for cyclists seeking a hassle-free solution.

Furthermore, the electric bike frame’s easy disassembly feature enables it to be conveniently carried or stored without occupying excessive space. This portability is advantageous for individuals who may need to transport their electric bikes or store them in limited spaces when not in use. The frame’s lightweight and manageable nature make it a practical accessory for riders on the go.

In addition to its functional benefits, the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame enhances the appearance of the electric bike by adding a stylish and cool factor. Before installation, the bike may appear plain or unattractive, but after securing the frame in place, the overall aesthetic is instantly elevated. This factor adds to the appeal of the frame, making it an appealing choice for riders looking to enhance the visual appeal of their electric bikes.

Overall, the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame offers a blend of practicality, durability, and style, making it a desirable addition to any electric bike. With its robust load capacity, easy installation, versatile application, and attractive design, the frame is a noteworthy option for enthusiasts seeking a reliable and visually appealing solution for their electric bike needs. Whether for commuting, leisurely rides, or more intense cycling activities, the Simimasen Electric Bike Bicycle Frame is a valuable choice that offers convenience and performance in equal measure.

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