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The TANGSPOWER 54.6V Electric Bike Charger is a replacement charger for 48V 13S lithium batteries, specifically designed for use with electric bikes like the Rad Rover and other similar models. With a DC-1Prong 5.5×2.1mm round plug, this charger is a versatile and efficient option for recharging your electric bike’s battery.

One of the most important features of this charger is its ability to provide sufficient current to effectively charge your electric bike’s battery. It has a multiple power connection capability, which allows it to be used with a variety of electric bike models that require a 54.6V charger.

The charger is also protected with short circuit protection, over current protection, and over voltage protection, ensuring the safety of both the charger and the battery being charged. Additionally, the charger has an indicator light that displays the charging status, with a red light indicating that it is currently charging and a green light indicating that the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is full, the charger will stop automatically, preventing any overcharging issues.

In terms of voltage options, the TANGSPOWER 54.6V Electric Bike Charger offers multiple options for further convenience and adaptability. These features make the charger user-friendly and suitable for various models of electric bikes that require a 48V battery charger.

The 54.6V output specifications of this charger translate to an output of 1.5A, providing a steady and reliable current to quickly and effectively charge your electric bike’s battery. The world wide input voltage range of 100-240VAC 50/60Hz makes this charger suitable for use in different regions, offering universal compatibility for electric bike owners across the globe.

Furthermore, the charger boasts several additional features that make it a very competitive option for electric bike owners. It is equipped with a 05℃ output capacitor, making it suitable for global application. The internal EMI filter and minimum ripple ensure that the charger produces a clean output, minimizing potential interference, and protecting the battery from any electrical surges.

Another key feature of the TANGSPOWER 54.6V Electric Bike Charger is its precision and durability. The precision current between ±0.1A and the voltage tolerance of ±0.1V ensure that the charger delivers a consistently reliable current with minimal deviation. Additionally, the inclusion of a simple fan and radiating fin design aids in dissipating any heat generated during the charging process, ensuring the charger’s durability and safety.

In terms of charging mode, the charger operates in CC to CV mode, providing efficient and safe charging for your electric bike battery. The package includes the 54.6V 1.5 Lithium Battery Charger and a power cord, making it a complete and convenient solution for electric bike owners in need of a replacement or additional charger.

Overall, the TANGSPOWER 54.6V Electric Bike Charger is a powerful, efficient, and reliable charger for 48V 13S lithium batteries, ideal for electric bike owners who need a high-quality replacement or additional charger. Its multiple power connections, sufficient current, and multiple voltage options make it a versatile and practical choice for various electric bike models. With safety features, precision current, and durable construction, it is a reliable and user-friendly option for electric bike enthusiasts around the world.

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