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TBVECHI 24V 350W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit: An Efficient Conversion Set for Electric Bikes

Are you tired of struggling uphill on your regular bicycle? Do you want to transform your mountain bike into an electric one? Look no further! The TBVECHI 24V 350W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is here to revolutionize your biking experience. This conversion set is designed to fit most bicycle wheel hubs with a diameter less than 36mm, making it suitable for a wide range of bikes.

MOTOR USES FREEWHEEL: Reduce Resistance and Enhance Performance

One of the standout features of the TBVECHI Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is its freewheel function. Unlike other electric bike motors, this kit allows the wheel to rotate freely while the motor remains stationary. This means that when you are pedaling without electric assistance, the motor will not create any resistance. It provides a seamless riding experience, similar to a regular bike, thus ensuring a smooth transition between electric and non-electric modes.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Versatile and User-Friendly

Designed for electric common bikes, the TBVECHI Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is incredibly versatile. The kit comes with a sprocket that mounts on the wheel spokes, making it compatible with most bicycle wheels with a hub diameter less than 36mm. Whether you have a mountain bike or a city cruiser, this conversion set is perfect for upgrading your bike into an electric powerhouse.

Kit Contents: All You Need for a Complete Transformation

The TBVECHI Electric Bicycle Motor Kit provides everything you need to convert your standard bicycle into an electric one. The kit includes:

  1. 1x 24V 250W DC motor
  2. 1x Chain
  3. 1x Freewheel
  4. 1x Freewheel adapter
  5. 1x Motor controller

With these essential components, you can easily install the kit on your bike and enjoy the benefits of electrified transportation.

About Us: Reliable Support at Your Fingertips

At TBVECHI, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide excellent support. With our own overseas warehouse and a professional Customer Service Team, we can address your inquiries promptly, ensuring a swift response within 24 hours. We are committed to solving any issues or answering your questions to the best of our ability.

In conclusion, the TBVECHI 24V 350W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their ordinary bicycle into an electric powerhouse. With its freewheel function, broad compatibility, and comprehensive kit contents, this conversion set offers a convenient and user-friendly solution. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your biking experience and enjoy effortless rides for years to come!

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