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The Veelar Tiggo: A High-Quality Multi-Functional Practical Transport Solution

The Veelar Tiggo 70L Bike Cargo Trailer and Handcart are quickly becoming popular among the cycling community for its versatility, durability, and practical design. Having recorded sales of over 50,000 units in the past ten years, it’s undoubtedly a top contender in the market for bike cargo trailers and hand carts. It especially resonates with gardeners and newspaper carriers as the perfect solution for their transport needs.

Durable Construction

The Veelar Tiggo 70L cargo trailer is an embodiment of high-quality construction. Built from sturdy steel tubes and fitted with a large, custom transport box, it promises durability and dependability for all your transport needs. The box’s robust construction ensures a long life span, offering real value for money. Its solid design, coupled with the box’s firm attachment to the frame, guarantees a quiet and peaceful ride, dispelling the common annoyance that comes with most conventional transport carts.

A Rattle-Free Ride

The Tiggo 70L differentiates itself with its patented “rattle-free” design. Unlike other cargo trailers in the market, it dramatically reduces the levels of noise produced during a ride. This unique design eliminates the constant noise that stems from the box’s movement against the frame- a common issue faced with many other bike trailers. Now, you can enjoy a smoother and quieter journey while transporting your cargo.

Multi-functional and Versatile

The versatility of the Tiggo 70L lies in its remarkable 2-in-1 design. Besides being a bike trailer, it can also double up as a handcart. This functionality makes it the perfect equipment not only for cyclists but gardeners, newspaper carriers, and anyone in need of a light, mobile, and practical transport solution. The support leg offers stability when the trailer is used as a handcart, making it reliable and steady regardless of the type of cargo.

Universal Hitch and High Carrying Capacity

The Tiggo 70L Cargo Trailer comes with a universal hitch that is compatible with most bikes ranging from 24-29 inches. This compatibility makes it even more functional and adaptable, ensuring that it can pair with a broad spectrum of bicycles without any hassle. Additionally, the Tiggo 70L offers a maximum capacity of 88 lbs as a trailer or 130 lbs as a handcart. This high carrying capacity allows a variety of items to be transported effortlessly, making your cargo transportation more efficient.

Additional Features

The Veelar Tiggo 70L is not just about durability and functionality but is also packed with additional features for increased usability. The removable waterproof cover provides extra protection for your goods, safeguarding them against the elements and ensuring your cargo is delivered in the best possible condition. The large 70L capacity ensures ample space for your belongings without inhibiting the trailer’s mobility or handling qualities on the road.

In conclusion, the Veelar Tiggo 70L Bike Cargo Trailer is ever sturdy, practical and versatile. This multi-purpose transporter caters to a wide variety of transportation needs whilst offering value for money in the long run. For anyone in need of a quality transport solution, whether for personal or professional use, the Tiggo 70L is indeed a sound investment.

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