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The Titunjian Electric Bike Conversion Kit is a powerful and convenient way to transform your favorite bicycle into an electric powerhouse. With its 48V 1000W motor, this kit offers great speed and power, making it perfect for cruising around town or tackling tougher terrains.

The kit comes with a display and pedal sensor, allowing for quick and easy switching between throttle control, cruise control, and pedal assist sensor (PAS). This means you can enjoy the feeling of the headwind on the road, all while customizing your riding experience to suit your preferences.

Made with high-quality aluminum alloy, the kit is durable and built to last. It features a brushless gearless motor, which offers smooth acceleration and low noise operation without the need for regular brush replacements. The motor also boasts a dual mode controller, ensuring seamless operation even in the event of component failure.

In terms of assembly, this kit does require some effort but can be easily set up with the provided English instruction manual. It’s important to note that the kit does not include tires, batteries, or chargers, so be sure to have these on hand before starting the assembly process.

With a speed range of 45-55km/h, the Titunjian Electric Bike Conversion Kit delivers a thrilling ride. The 5-gear speed adjustment allows for flexibility depending on the road conditions, while the cruise function makes for a more effortless riding experience.

The upgrade display provides real-time speed, total mileage, battery power display, and more, allowing for quick and intuitive monitoring of the bike’s performance. This is a great feature for keeping track of your rides and ensuring you’re always charged and ready to go.

In terms of compatibility, this kit works with 28-inch, 29-inch, and 700C wheels, making it suitable for a wide range of bicycles. The package includes everything needed for conversion, so you won’t have to worry about buying additional accessories separately.

Overall, the Titunjian Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a complete package for turning your regular bike into a powerful electric ride. With its impressive speed, durability, and ease of use, it’s a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their cycling experience.

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