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The Tracer Cheetah 26″ Beach Cruiser Lowrider Bike is a classic and stylish option for those who enjoy leisurely rides along the beach or in the city. This bike features a steel chrome frame that not only looks sleek but also adds durability to the overall construction. With its single speed and coaster brake design, it offers a simple and enjoyable riding experience.

One standout feature of the Tracer Cheetah is its 140-hole spokes, which give the bike a unique and eye-catching appearance. These spokes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add to the overall strength and stability of the bike.

The bike’s moon-type handlebars provide a comfortable grip and an upright riding position. This allows riders to maintain a relaxed posture while cruising around. The wide handlebars also make it easier to control and maneuver the bike, especially in crowded areas.

The Tracer Cheetah also comes equipped with a lowrider springer front fork, paying tribute to the classic design. This fork not only enhances the bike’s aesthetic appeal but also improves the overall riding experience by providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

In terms of comfort, this bike features a cushioned dual spring seat. The seat is vacuum-formed, meaning it is made from a single piece of material without any seams. This design not only adds to the bike’s sleek appearance but also provides extra padding and support, allowing riders to enjoy longer rides without discomfort.

The Tracer Cheetah is also equipped with 26×2.125 white wall tires, which not only add to the bike’s retro style but also provide excellent traction and stability. These tires are perfect for cruising on different terrains, whether it be sand, pavement, or gravel.

Overall, the Tracer Cheetah 26″ Beach Cruiser Lowrider Bike is a high-quality and visually appealing option for those looking for a stylish and comfortable ride. With its durable construction, smooth handling, and comfortable features, this bike is sure to provide an enjoyable riding experience for both beginners and experienced cyclists alike. So hop on and experience the joy of riding with Tracer.

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