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The Universal Battery Charger for Razor, 29.4V 2A Power Supply is a versatile and efficient charging solution designed for a variety of electric vehicles and devices. Manufactured by STIO, a brand that focuses on intelligent short-distance transportation and entertainment, this charger is equipped with multiple protection features to ensure the safety of your devices during the charging process.

Equipped with short-circuit protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, and overload protection, this smart charger prioritizes the safety of your battery and device. With a maximum charging power of 58.8W and a fast charging rate of 2.0A, this charger is designed to deliver a quick and efficient charging experience. Additionally, the charger boasts low energy consumption and high energy efficiency, resulting in shortened charging times for your devices.

One standout feature of this charger is its versatility in terms of compatibility. The charger comes with five different connectors, including Mini 3 Prong, Standard 3 Prong, DC5.5-2.5/2.1, Segway 1 Prong, and XLR connectors. This means that with just one charger, you can easily charge multiple devices with different types of connectors. Whether you have a 24V ebike, wheelchair, ATV, or another compatible device, this charger has got you covered.

In terms of compatibility with specific models, the Universal Battery Charger for Razor is compatible with a wide range of popular electric vehicles and devices. Some of the compatible models include Razor E100, E200, E300, E125, E150, PR200, and MX350, SWAGBOARD TWIST T580, Schwinn S150, S180, S200, Go-Go Elite Traveller, Ezip Mountain Trailz, Jazzy Power Chair, and various models of Razor electric scooters such as Ground Force, Mini Chopper, Pocket Mod, Sports Mod, and Dirt Quad.

The package includes the charger itself, an AC cable, and a multifunction cable with four adapters, providing everything you need to start charging your devices right away. Additionally, STIO offers 1 year hassle-free warranty and technology support for this charger, ensuring that you have access to customer service and support whenever you need it.

Overall, the Universal Battery Charger for Razor, 29.4V 2A Power Supply is a reliable and efficient charging solution for a variety of electric vehicles and devices. With its multiple protection features, versatile compatibility, and fast charging capabilities, this charger is a great investment for anyone looking to keep their battery-powered devices powered up and ready to go.

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