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If you’re seeking a transport solution that effectively marries comfort, convenience, and eco-friendly technology, look no further than the VASDEV Adult Electric Tricycles. These electric tricycles are the epitome of a hassle-free commute, boasting a superbly powerful 48V/12AH lithium battery and a power storage capacity that has been increased by 60%. In addition, they also come in a conspicuous design with features that promise a perfectly smooth and enjoyable ride.

Detailed Overview

One of the most striking features of the VASDEV Adult Electric Tricycles is the flexibility they offer. The tricycle has three adjustable gears which allow it to function in three ways: manual riding, power-assisted riding, and electric riding. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can easily switch between these modes. Whether you need a workout, some assistance, or just a relaxed cruise, this tricycle has got you covered. Moreover, it comes with 24-inch front and rear wheels, making it ideal for individuals over 1.7M tall.

Tech Specification and Performance

The high-quality tricycle is powered by a 48V/12AH lithium battery which affords it an impressive performance. The battery is equipped with the 6-layer protection system and is temperature-controlled to ensure safety while driving. Furthermore, it is detachable, enabling you to conveniently charge it separately. It takes between 4-6 hours for the battery to fully charge, after which you’re set to ride for long distances or hours. The powerful, quiet, and durable motor further complements the battery to provide a powerful, yet smooth ride.

Mobility and Security

The VASDEV Adult Electric Tricycles have been designed with security features that will leave you free of worry. The tricycle comes with a key startup system that requires the key to start, thus enhancing the security of your tricycle. Additionally, it has a battery lock which is easy to unlock. These features make your tricycle safe, not only at home but also in public spaces.

Storage and Convenience

This tricycle is not just about commute convenience, but it also takes care of your storage needs. The electric tricycle features a large space shopping box at the front and rear. This is an excellent amenity for grocery shopping, doing daily chores, camping, visiting family and friends, and even carrying your pet around. The generous basket space truly makes the VASDEV Adult Electric Tricycles a versatile vehicle for all your riding needs.


When it comes to combining functionality and versatility in a modern yet practical design, the VASDEV Adult Electric Tricycles take the lead. This product is well worth considering for those looking for a reliable, secure, and convenient mode of transportation. Whether for exercise, running errands, or simply for leisurely rides, the VASDEV Adult Electric Tricycles deliver a performance that will amaze. It is top-notch quality encapsulated in a stylish, sleek, and very efficient design. The electric tricycle reaffirms VASDEV’s commitment to providing high-quality products that meet the everyday needs of its consumers. Reinvent your commuting experience with this exceptional electric tricycle, it’s an investment that’s well worth every penny.

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