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The X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike with LED Light and Zongshen Engine is a top-of-the-line pit bike designed for adults who are passionate about off-road adventures. With its powerful engine, durable construction, and advanced features, this dirt bike is sure to provide a thrilling riding experience for any enthusiast.

One of the standout features of this dirt bike is the upgraded Zongshen brand engine. The 223cc engine is known for its reliability, power, and long lifespan. This engine is built to withstand the rigors of off-road riding and deliver consistent performance in various terrains. Whether you’re tearing up the trails or cruising through the wilderness, the Zongshen engine will ensure that you have all the power you need to conquer any challenge.

In addition to the powerful engine, this dirt bike also comes equipped with a high-quality inverted front fork. This front suspension system provides superb damping and steering precision, allowing you to navigate tight corners and rough terrain with ease. The tuning of the fork is specifically optimized for light, easy handling characteristics, ensuring that you have complete control over your bike at all times.

Another upgraded feature of this dirt bike is the LED headlights. LED headlights are not only more energy-efficient than traditional halogen bulbs, but they also produce more light and less heat. This means that you’ll have enhanced visibility while riding at night or in low-light conditions, making your off-road adventures safer and more enjoyable.

The muffler on this dirt bike has also been upgraded to provide better sound reduction and heat dissipation. This not only reduces engine exhaust noise, but it also ensures that high-temperature exhaust gas is safely and effectively discharged. This means you can ride in peace without disturbing others around you, while also minimizing the risk of overheating or damage to your bike.

When it comes to specifications, the X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike with LED Light and Zongshen Engine is truly impressive. The engine is a Zongshen CB223, 223cc, 4-stroke powerhouse that delivers 12/7000kw/r/min of maximum power and 17/5000 N.m/r/min of torque. The bike features a 5-speed manual transmission, #520 chain final drive, and a max speed of over 60 MPH (depending on rider weight and road conditions).

The frame of the bike is a perimeter cradle type steel frame, providing strength and stability for a safe and comfortable ride. The front suspension consists of inverted hydraulic forks, while the rear suspension features a non-adjustable shock. The front and rear brakes are hydraulic disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power in any situation.

The wheels on this dirt bike are large and rugged, with a front tire size of 80/100-21 and a rear tire size of 100/90-18. The weight capacity of the bike is 176 lbs, with a net weight of 232 lbs and a gross weight of 302 lbs. The overall dimensions of the bike are 86.6″ in length, 31.5″ in width, and 48″ in height, with a wheelbase of 53″ and a seat height of 36.22″.

The X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike with LED Light and Zongshen Engine comes with a 6.5L fuel capacity and a 12V/5AH battery. The carton size for shipping is 67″ x 18″ x 34″, allowing for easy transportation and assembly. Whether you’re a seasoned dirt bike rider or a newcomer to the sport, this pit bike is sure to impress with its performance, durability, and advanced features.

In conclusion, the X-PRO 250cc Dirt Bike with LED Light and Zongshen Engine is a high-quality off-road vehicle that offers exceptional performance and reliability. With its powerful Zongshen engine, advanced suspension system, LED headlights, and upgraded muffler, this dirt bike is designed to provide an exhilarating riding experience for adults of all skill levels. Whether you’re tearing up the trails or cruising through the wilderness, this pit bike will deliver the power, control, and comfort you need to conquer any terrain.

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