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The Xantrex Connection Kit for LinkLITE and LinkPRO is a versatile and easy-to-use accessory that allows you to maximize the functionality of your Xantrex inverter. With a box dimensions of 3″H x 7″W x 10″L and a weight of 2.85 lbs, this kit is lightweight and compact, making it easy to install and use. Whether you have a LinkLITE or LinkPRO inverter model, this connection kit is compatible with both, making it a convenient choice for all your power needs.


One of the key features of the Xantrex Connection Kit is its compatibility with both the LinkLITE and LinkPRO inverter models. This means that you can use this kit with whichever model you have, providing you with versatility and convenience. Additionally, this kit includes a 50-foot cable, allowing you to install your inverter in a location that best suits your needs without worrying about limited range.


Installing the Xantrex Connection Kit is a straightforward process that can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills. Simply connect the cable to your inverter and the other end to the display panel, and you’re ready to go. The included 50-foot cable gives you ample length to position your inverter in the ideal location, whether that’s in your home, RV, boat, or another power source.


Once installed, the Xantrex Connection Kit enhances the functionality of your LinkLITE or LinkPRO inverter. The link between the inverter and the display panel allows you to monitor and control your power usage with ease, giving you greater control over your power supply. Whether you want to check your battery voltage, adjust your inverter settings, or monitor your energy usage, the connection kit makes it simple to do so.


Users of the Xantrex Connection Kit have praised its performance and reliability. The durable construction of the kit ensures that it can withstand regular use and provides a stable connection between your inverter and display panel. This reliability gives you peace of mind knowing that your power supply is being monitored and controlled effectively.


There are numerous advantages to using the Xantrex Connection Kit. The compatibility with both LinkLITE and LinkPRO models makes it a versatile option for all users. The 50-foot cable provides ample length for installation flexibility, and the straightforward installation process means that anyone can set it up. Additionally, the enhanced functionality and performance of the kit make it a valuable accessory for those who rely on their Xantrex inverter for power.


While the Xantrex Connection Kit has received positive feedback overall, some users have noted that the 50-foot cable may be too long for their needs. Additionally, a small number of users have experienced issues with the connection between the inverter and display panel, although this appears to be a rare occurrence. These minor drawbacks are worth considering, but they do not detract significantly from the overall performance and functionality of the kit.


In conclusion, the Xantrex Connection Kit for LinkLITE and LinkPRO is a versatile and reliable accessory that enhances the functionality of your Xantrex inverter. With compatibility for both inverter models, a 50-foot cable, and easy installation, this kit is a convenient and valuable addition to your power setup. Whether you’re powering your home, RV, boat, or another source, the connection kit gives you greater control over your power supply, making it a worthwhile investment for any user.

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