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Yitre Electric Scooter Controller Kit: Enhance Your Scooter’s Performance and Safety

The Yitre Electric Scooter Controller Kit is a must-have for any electric scooter enthusiast looking to elevate their riding experience. This kit includes a controller and instrument that can be used separately or combined, making it a versatile and essential tool for electric scooter maintenance. Whether you need to modify your electric bike or scooter or replace damaged parts, this controller kit is the perfect solution.

One of the standout features of this kit is its high-quality DC brushless controller. It provides a stable and smooth speed, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The low noise operation adds to the overall riding experience, allowing you to navigate the streets or bike paths without disturbing others. With its compatibility with 350W motors, this controller can handle the power demands of your scooter effortlessly.

Safety is a top priority, and this controller kit doesn’t disappoint. It supports various safety features like hard start, undervoltage protection, MOS tube short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection. These features ensure that your scooter remains safe and reliable while you’re on the road. The premium aluminum shell provides excellent durability, and its notch design enhances heat dissipation, preventing overheating even during extended rides.

When it comes to convenience and functionality, the Yitre Electric Scooter Controller Kit delivers in abundance. The LCD panel offers a comprehensive display of crucial information. This includes speed display, power-assisted gear display, single driving time display, power indicator, fault prompts, total mileage, single mileage, headlight indicator, headlight switch control, 6km/h boost control, and backlight brightness setting. These features give you complete control over your scooter’s performance and allow you to monitor its status with ease. The buttons are intuitively designed for effortless operation, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Not only is this kit packed with remarkable features, but it is also designed with practicality in mind. The instrument is equipped with a dial function and comes with a bracket for easy installation. The bracket is suitable for 22.2mm handlebars, providing a secure and stable mounting option. The controller size is compact, measuring approximately 86 x 53 x 30mm, making it easy to integrate into your scooter setup.

Using the Yitre Electric Scooter Controller Kit is a breeze. The instrument installation involves fixing it onto the handlebar and adjusting the angle of view for maximum convenience. Simply connect the instrument connector with the corresponding connector of the controller when the vehicle is powered off. Once the power supply is turned on, both the electric bike and the instrument will enter the normal operation state, signifying successful installation.

In conclusion, the Yitre Electric Scooter Controller Kit is an excellent investment for electric scooter enthusiasts. Its blend of performance-enhancing features, safety mechanisms, user-friendly display, and easy installation make it a standout product in its category. Elevate your scooter’s performance and enjoy a smoother and safer ride with this exceptional controller kit.

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