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YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter Review

When it comes to charging your electric bike or mobility scooter, having a reliable and efficient power adapter is crucial. The YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter is designed to provide fast and safe charging for 24V lithium batteries, making it an ideal choice for a variety of electric vehicles. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and performance of this charger to help you make an informed decision.


1. Model Number: YZPOWER-42

2. Input parameters: 100-240V 47-63Hz

3. Output parameters: 29.4V 5A 7S

4. Type of working battery: 24V 7S Lithium Battery

5. Stable MTBF: >30000H

6. Efficiency: >87%

7. Size: 15.8 x 7.8 x 5.5cm

8. Light Weight: 0.5Kg

9. Material: PC UL94V0


1. Material: ABS + PC

2. Charger Model: CC(constant current) CV(constant voltage)

3. Operating Temperature: -50°F~122°F

4. Storage Temperature: -104°F~+176°F

5. Operating Humidity: 20~90%RH

Connecter size: 3-pin XLR Connector

The YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter is equipped with a 3-pin XLR Connector, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electric bikes and mobility scooters. The use of aluminum heat sink in the design of the charger helps to dissipate heat efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and extending the service life of the device. The charger is also equipped with various safety features, including short circuit protection, over current protection, and over voltage protection, providing peace of mind during the charging process.

The charging process is indicated by the LED lights on the charger. A red light indicates that the battery is charging, while a green light signals that the charging is complete. The charger automatically stops charging once the battery is full, preventing overcharging and ensuring the longevity of the battery.

Using the YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter is not only convenient but also safe. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal use of the charger. Before ordering this charger, make sure that the connector of your old charger is the same as the 3-pin XLR Connector of this charger. This will ensure compatibility and prevent any issues during the charging process.

It is also important to note that the charging speed of the 29.4V 5A charger is more than twice that of a 29.4V 2A charger, making it suitable for 24V lithium batteries. This faster charging speed reduces the time needed to fully charge your battery, providing you with more time to enjoy your electric vehicle.

It is recommended to use the YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter within one year of purchase. Additionally, it is advisable not to charge the battery for more than 12 hours at a time and to do so in a well-ventilated environment. Avoid covering the charger during use and ensure that your hands and the plugs are dry to prevent any safety hazards.

The YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. In the rare event of a product quality issue, hassle-free returns or refunds are available. Furthermore, professional customer service and technical assistance are provided to address any queries or concerns you may have.

In conclusion, the YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter is a reliable and efficient charger for electric bikes and mobility scooters. With its fast charging speed, safety features, and one-year warranty, it provides peace of mind and convenience to users. If you are looking for a high-quality power adapter for your electric vehicle, the YZPOWER 29.4V 5A Power Adapter is a great choice.

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