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Product Review: 8fun BBSHD BBS03 48V 1000W Bafang Mid Drive Ebike Kit BB Width:120mm Electric Bicycle

The 8fun BBSHD BBS03 48V 1000W Bafang Mid Drive Ebike Kit is an excellent option for those looking to convert their existing bicycle into a powerful electric bike. This kit includes everything you need to transform your bike into an electric powerhouse, including a mid-drive motor, LCD display, brake levers, thumb throttle, and more.

Mid-Drive Motor Conversion Kits Included

This kit comes with a range of essential components to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process. It includes:

  1. 48V 1000W BBS03 Mid-Drive Motor with integrated 12 Mosfet 30A controller: This powerful motor provides ample power for your electric bike, allowing you to tackle hills and challenging terrain with ease. The integrated controller ensures a seamless and efficient power delivery.
  2. C961 or C965 LCD Display + Operation Button: Choose between the C961 or C965 LCD display, providing you with essential information such as speed, distance, battery level, and more. The operation button allows you to easily navigate and control your electric bike.
  3. Brake Levers: Two brake levers are included in the kit, ensuring safe and responsive braking capabilities.
  4. Thumb Throttle: The thumb throttle allows for effortless acceleration, giving you full control over your electric bike’s speed.
  5. Waterproof Quick Release Wires: These waterproof wires ensure a secure and reliable connection between the components, even in challenging weather conditions.
  6. Speed Detecting Sensor + Magnet: The speed detecting sensor and magnet provide accurate speed measurement, enabling the pedal-assist feature of your electric bike.
  7. Chain Wheel (46T): This chain wheel ensures a smooth and efficient power transfer from the motor to the drivetrain of your bike.
  8. Left Crank + Right Crank: The included left and right crank arms are designed to fit perfectly with the mid-drive motor, providing optimal pedaling efficiency.
  9. Fixing Plate: The fixing plate ensures a secure and stable installation of the motor on your bike’s bottom bracket.
  10. M5*10 Nuts: Five M5*10 nuts are included for additional securing of various components in the installation process.
  11. M6*12 Nuts: Two M6*12 nuts are included for further fastening purposes.
  12. M33 Nuts: Two M33 nuts are provided for additional stability and security.
  13. Anderson Plug Power Cable: This power cable ensures a reliable and efficient connection between the motor and the battery.


The 8fun BBSHD BBS03 48V 1000W Bafang Mid Drive Ebike Kit offers impressive specifications to enhance your biking experience:

  • Position: The mid-drive motor is located at the bottom bracket, ensuring a balanced and centralized weight distribution.
  • Construction: The geared motor design provides excellent torque and power output, making it suitable for various terrains.
  • Nominal Voltage: The motor operates at a nominal voltage of 48V, providing ample power for smooth and efficient performance.
  • Rated Power: With a rated power of 1000W, this motor delivers impressive acceleration and climbing abilities.
  • RPM: The motor’s RPM ranges from 130 to 150, allowing for a customizable riding experience according to your preferences.
  • Max Torque: With a maximum torque of 160 N.m, this motor ensures excellent hill-climbing capabilities.
  • Efficiency: The motor boasts an efficiency level of at least 85%, providing you with a long-lasting and energy-efficient electric bike.
  • PAS SENSOR: The speed sensor enables pedal-assist functionality, allowing for a smooth and natural riding experience.
  • Shaft Standard: The motor adheres to the JIS standard shaft, ensuring compatibility with most bottom brackets.
  • Motor Weight: Weighing only 4.8 kg, the motor adds minimal additional weight to your bike.
  • Box Dimension: The kit is packaged in a compact box with dimensions of 53x27x26cm, making it easy to store and transport.
  • Gross Weight: The total weight of the kit is 8.6kgs, providing a lightweight solution for your electric bike conversion.

In conclusion, the 8fun BBSHD BBS03 48V 1000W Bafang Mid Drive Ebike Kit offers a comprehensive and high-quality solution for converting your regular bicycle into a powerful electric bike. With its impressive specifications and included components, this kit provides excellent value for money and can greatly enhance your riding experience. Whether you’re looking for improved efficiency, increased power, or an easier way to conquer challenging terrain, this kit has you covered.

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