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All Terrain: A Product Review of the QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer

If you’re an adventurous outdoor enthusiast who loves going off-road with your electric bike, you know the struggle of carrying your gear and supplies. That’s where the QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer comes in. This single-track fat tire off-road trailer is designed to provide you with ample storage space and enhanced stability during your rugged expeditions.

Overview of Features

The QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer offers a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for all-terrain journeys. With its 14″x24″ storage space, you’ll have plenty of room to carry your camping gear, hunting equipment, or any other essentials you need for your adventures.

The addition of a pannier rack not only increases the cargo load capacity but also provides additional stability to the trailer. This feature ensures that your gear remains secure and well-balanced throughout your off-road rides.

One notable feature of the QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer is its solid mesh cargo liner. This liner acts as a protective shield, preventing small items from falling out of the trailer during bumpy rides. It keeps everything safely contained while allowing airflow to prevent moisture buildup.

To make loading and unloading easier, the trailer is equipped with a dual-post kickstand. This kickstand ensures that the trailer remains securely parked, giving you peace of mind while you load or unload your gear.

Compatibility and Installation

Before purchasing the QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer, it is crucial to verify compatibility with your electric bike. Hardtail models do not require an axle, while full-suspension models necessitate the use of a BOB axle. Compatibility is essential to ensure a proper and secure attachment to your bike, providing optimal performance.

If you intend to use this cargo trailer with other electric bikes, you will need a BOB Axle from the Robert Axle Project. Finding the correct axle for your bike is easy with the Robert Axle Project’s online guide. Simply click the provided link and select the appropriate axle for your specific bike model.

All-Terrain Performance

The QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer excels in all-terrain adventures. Its fat tires are specifically designed for off-road use, providing excellent traction on gravel, dirt, mud, and other challenging surfaces. Whether you’re tackling rugged mountain trails or exploring sandy beaches, this trailer can handle it all.

When attached to your bike, the QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer follows your every move, ensuring a smooth ride even over rough terrain. The trailer’s stability allows you to maintain control, even during descents and technical sections. With its robust construction, you can trust that this trailer will withstand the rigors of off-road adventures.


The QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer is the ideal companion for any off-road electric bike adventurer. With its generous storage space, pannier rack, and solid mesh cargo liner, it offers a secure and convenient solution for carrying your gear. The added stability and dual-post kickstand make loading and unloading a breeze, while the all-terrain performance ensures a smooth and stable ride on any surface.

Ensure compatibility with your electric bike model to guarantee a proper and secure attachment. Whether you’re heading into the woods for a hunting expedition or embarking on a rugged camping trip, the QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer is your trusty companion for all your off-road adventures.

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